Bright Stripes Blanket from Stitchknit

Bright pink stripes to welcome your new little one

Bright pink stripes to welcome your new little one

Handmade goodness, this diagonal striped blanket is a perfect size for car seats/carriers/strollers!

$65.00 Ready to ship

On My Needles

Working on an all white baby blanket……just the knit stitch, but with a vintage boucle type yarn.  Love how this is working up.  So far, the plan is to stop the knitting when this is squared up, then I’m going to add a 3″-4″ wide crocheted edge around the blanket.  I will be adding this to my Etsy shop, with the idea it would be lovely as a christening blanket.

Baby blanket on the needles at Stitchknit

Baby blanket on the needles at Stitchknit


On My Hook

Lots of new projects these days at Stitchknit.  I’m not one of those who has ONE project going, and feels compelled to finish it before starting a new one.  I have at least 6 projects in the works…..not counting items for clients!

Started this new baby blanket pattern, worked from a corner out………with the rows each getting a bit longer, until I decide to start decreasing & work my way back to a corner.  Love diagonal projects!

Baby blanket on  the hook

Baby blanket on the hook

Love the color combo, looks like spring flowers and reminds me of spumoni ice cream!   Notice the bit of burgundy yarn at the corner of the blanket?  This is just a temporary marker, letting me know which is the right side of my project.



Off the Hook

Finished the knitting & now 'off the hook' with the crocheted border complete

Finished the knitting & now ‘off the hook’ with the crocheted border complete

All this needs now, is a little bit of ribbon, to weave through the eyelet design.  Tried to find a dusty, cornflower blue, but there was nothing even close.  So, pale blue it is.  This is the same design as this one.  Can’t seem to get more than one of these in the shop.  They are so lightweight, they work with car seats and strollers, and pretty enough to work well for baby pictures and christenings.

As soon as the ribbon gets here, this blanket will be ready for pictures and then it’s all ready to head to a new home.

Treasury Tuesday

My Blackberry Salad Baby blanket is included in this Merry & Bright Treasury!  So many fun ideas, such great artists.  Enjoy!

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Treasury tool supported by the dog house


Bright Baby Blanket

Finally caught up enough to get back to a project I started ……….oh, let’s say last spring.  Could have been earlier, but it’s done now, so who’s counting the months.

not your typical baby pastels!


I saw this on Pinterest and started gathering up yarn from “the stash” right away.  Even though stripes aren’t something I normally do, this just started calling my name!  I started in and loved it in spite of all the ends that were accumulating!

I’d love to see other color combinations if anyone has completed one of these.  I’m thinking I’d like to do another, but keep the colors in the same family……….  Of course, I’d like to see pink to burgundy, with maybe some lavenders thrown in.  What do you think for colors on this one?

One drawback to the project, at least for me, is that it’s a stay at home sort of event.  With so many skeins of yarn in my project bag, this one does not travel.


Just Listed: Yummy Yellow Baby Blanket

Basket Weave Baby Blanket by StitchknitJust cast off this yummy baby blanket.  Knit in a basket weave pattern, with a seed stitch border on all four sides, this was a fun knit.  Easy to knit, no pattern necessary, all one color………… much to like about this.  Lightweight, really soft and a washable acrylic yarn.    See additional pictures here in my Etsy shop.

The down side of finishing a project like this, or these fingerless mitts I completed yesterday is that I need to search for some new projects!  Decisions, decisions!


A Crocheting Milestone!

There is progress, after all the hours & hours of single crochet stitches…………..   This is the custom order baby blanket, with the main part of the blanket FINISHED!  There are what seems like hundreds of ends to weave in & finish off……….plus, some cross stitch additions to the design……………oh, and the name of the baby added to the side of the truck.  So, it isn’t technically finished, but I’m still flyin’ fairly high, just knowing the single crochets are now done!

Custom Order Baby Blanket

I couldn’t even figure out how to take a picture of this project!  It fills up my cutting table!  :)

I might even have some time to work on other projects pretty soon!  I have been crocheting for months it seems; the custom order Christmas stockings and then this baby blanket.  Other projects have taken a back seat.  Can’t wait to get to some knitting or sewing…………..and I don’t want to take on anything with single crochet stitches for………….oh, years & years!  :)



Progress that Deserves a Picture!

Agreed, this doesn’t look much like the picture/pattern yet, but it is moving along!  The stripes are the border at the top of the blanket, then, there are miles of single crochet in white, prior to adding in the fire truck design off the chart pictured here with the beginnings of this blanket!  Picking up some speed now on this one, I think it’s because there is now enough of it to hold on to.


The other custom orders aren’t to the photo shoot point yet.   Only so many hours in a day here!


And, the BIG news of the day here…………Fall has begun here in WA state.  I had to get into my sock drawer today & don a pair of my hand knit socks!  No more bare feet & sandals for months!

More Than Busy Here

Right off the bat, here is the pile of “parts” for the Christmas Stockings for the custom order…………

I don’t want to know how many ends there are to weave in.  Starting to assemble these in the AM, when I’m my least cranky.  I’m going to tweak the non pattern, as the green band that is supposed to be picked up after putting the sock together.  I want to make the band, embroider the names while the band is a flat piece, then seam it up and attach it to the sock.  Sounds easier and I’m betting no one but the original crafter would know the difference.

Next on the list is a completed baby blanket.  Not quite a blanket, but I don’t know what to call something this size.  It is a 30″ square, if I don’t stretch it.  :)

I do love this.  It started out as a bit of work to show the basics of a granny square, to a beginning crochet class.  I couldn’t rip it out, I loved how it looked, as well as how it felt!  And, the little size??  I think it is just right for wrapping up a little one.  The size that will get used……not something that is too big.  This will fit over a car seat, or stroller………..and it is just the right size to become the special blankie that goes everywhere with the toddler!

And, just to prove I haven’t been wasting time here……….I’ve finished this Infinity Scarf/Cowl yesterday and got a few pictures of it this evening.  Yummy yarn, slubby, thick, thin……… and a gray blue……  I do love how it turned out.

Both the blanket and the Infinity Scarf are going to be in the Etsy shop within the hour (barring any disasters here)

This week end has been busier than most, as I added in a 2nd foster kiddo…………just for the weekend; to give his foster family a break for a couple days.  Today was filled with cooking and even a bit of canning.  One batch of green tomato mincemeat, which is to die for in small little tarts!  Ohhhh…….with a cup of tea………..

Finished off the evening with homemade pizzas, made to order!  Yummy!  One of these days I should take the camera to the kitchen!  As much as I hate to cook, I do like to eat yummy food.  And, I do like to see that the food served here is the best I can come up with.  Tonights offering was just delish.  If I wasn’t so tired, it would have tasted better.  :)