Off the Needles

Off the needles, blocked and waiting for buttons!

Off the needles, blocked and waiting for buttons!

I thought I had just the right buttons for this…….but no.  I need something with more personality.  So, this goes in my bag of items that need something that isn’t in the studio here at Stitchknit.  The bag that needs to go to the store.  This poses a difficulty, in that I truly do hate shopping.

And, this………….it too needs buttons.  Nothing in the box of hundreds and hundreds of new buttons……..or the huge box of vintage buttons will work.  Love vintage buttons, but when the design needs 4, of course……..I can only locate things I like that come with just 3!

crocheted button up cowl by stitchknitThis is truly a tough one to get a picture of.  The yarn is a blend of wool and rayon and has the prettiest shimmer to it.

Off the hook here, just waiting for ends, then the border.

Off the hook here, just waiting for ends, then the border.

This is like the blanket listed here in the shop.  I love this diagonal design.  Easy to remember, great for projects on the go!


One More Work in Progress

How many projects do you have in the works at one time?  I don’t know if it is a good idea to count all of mine! :)  Here’s a crocheted scarf/shawl I’m making to replace one that sold months ago.  Yes, I am running very behind here at Stitchknit.

Crocheted scarf from StitchknitGreat project for me this summer. Once I had the initial chain and the first row of floating chains done, I don’t have to count or think for this piece.  Perfect for me!  I love how loose this is and how intricate it looks.  About 10 more inches and this will be ready to put the border on.

Also in the works here at Stitchknit………… requisite pair of socks that ‘live’ in the van  Always ready for a bit of knitting when I am waiting for anyone/anything.  Still on sock #1, but at the arch of my foot……heading towards the toe.

Crocheted baby blanket in 2 shades of gray & a deep brick red.  Love having something a bit larger than socks to work on here at home.  Again, it is a no think, no count sort of pattern.  Perfect for right now.

Filling up my inventory of teensy tiny little hearts:

Crocheted hearts by StitchknitJust sold a couple sets of the pale pink ones and discovered I really didn’t have anything that was ready to ship.  Added pale pink, bright pink, navy, natural, yellow, white and have some peach and green thread in my project bag ready to work on.

All crochet projects!  Might have to even that out and come up with some knitting.  I’m old enough to have hands that complain if I don’t switch out the project types occasionally.


It’s been awhile since I’ve managed to complete a  new piece for my Etsy shop.  Summer vacation, kiddo home from school, hot weather……..I’ve got all sorts of excuses!  :)

Crocheted blanket  from Stitchknit33″ square, this crocheted blanket is just the size for a new little one.  Brightly colored, this would work for either a little boy or girl.  Not ‘baby’ looking, this will be a favorite for years.  Easy care, made with acrylic yarn.   $65.00

Ends. As You Go, or Wait ’til Finished?

Baby Blanket from StitchknitI’m some of each.  Weave some ends in as I go…..    and finish off the ones I missed when the project is complete.

This blanket is half and half, almost looks like fringe on the right side!  I keep forgetting to make the stripes 3 rows, which would put half the ends on each side of the blanket.  By the time I remember, I’m halfway through the blanket.

Which are you?  Do you painstakingly weave in ends while you are working on the project?  Or, just leave them til the end, hoping they will magically take care of themselves?  I’ve always loved (said a touch sarcastically) patterns that finish off with………….

“Weave in ends & Enjoy!”

I don’t mind weaving in ends, but it isn’t the part of a project I truly enjoy.

If you’ve read this far, I’d love some suggestions as to color combos for the next couple blankets.  I’ve done these two (which sold already, here in my local shop)  Ideas??

I love how different this blanket looks each time!

I love how different this blanket looks each time!

Crocheted baby blanket in Grays and Bright Red

Crocheted baby blanket in Grays and Bright Red

The Speed of Time

I know I’ve written about how time seems to be going so much faster, the older I get.  Still true.  Even speeding up if that is possible.  June was a surprise to me, school getting out seemed like it happened a day or two after Christmas.  This July, middle of summer business, is making me crazy (crazier??)

I had big plans to list all my Christmas/holiday fabrics during July.  (the whole Christmas in July bit….)  I’ve loved hunting for the vintage fabrics, and had been stashing them away……….apparently figuring there was another month in between June & July.  Nope.  There wasn’t.  So, a couple quick sessions with the camera were in order….   Nope again.  Discovered the camera had an issue & needed to be replaced.  New camera and a very quick photo session later……and there now are a couple new fabrics up in the shop.  Adding 1 or 2 daily….at least that is the plan!  Here’s a few of my “finds”

holiday collage

Treasury Tuesday: Who said neutral was boring?

‘Who said neutral was boring?’ by pillowhead

Found a set of my tiny crocheted hearts included here!

Balloons Shower Curtain Bath…


Small Ear Stud, Beige Brown …


stuffed bear, amigurumi brow…


beach photography ocean naut…


CLEARANCE Vintage Shoes Mush…


Wooden bracelet / crochet br…


handmade drink coasters – be…


Crocheted Heart Motifs, 7 Ti…


Vintage ceramic trivet, prim…


Orange Hand Knit Shawl Scarf…


winter pods nature photograp…


Unique linen embroidered blo…


Music cufflinks – Cameo cuff…


Large Enamel milk can- Ename…


Ivory rose ring – Ivory ring…


Needle Felted Barn Owl, Wool…


There’s fabric………..then, there’s Fabric!

I’m having so much fun searching for vintage fabric to stock my little corner of Etsy.  Here’s some of this weeks finds, a couple which have made it into the shop already!

Here's 4 cotton prints.....all with a fruit theme.  What are the odds I find only fruity fabrics?

Here’s 4 cotton prints…..all with a fruit theme. What are the odds I discover 4 fruity fabrics the same week?

And, then there is this….  I do have a great bit of info from the selvedge:  A Signature Fabric, “Jumbo Junket”  Created by Hans Moller of Associated American Artists  1954

I've been reading all I can find on the Assoc. American Artists.  What an interesting time in the US, and what a collection of artists!

I’ve been reading all I can find on the Assoc. American Artists. What an interesting time in the US, and what a collection of artists!

This print is along one border of this black fabric.  I have 3 yards of this 35″ wide fabric.  Would welcome additional info about this print, or any other works by the same artist……or the association of artists as a whole.

Treasury Tuesday: Orange Crush

  Delighted to find my Mary Poppins inspired scarf included in this great treasury!

‘Orange Crush’ by singinghorse07

Vintage Hand Hammered Copper…


Mango Sorbet, Fine Art Photo…


Large Ring, Orange Ring, Sum…


Two Book Vintage Set in Tang…


Mary Poppins Inspired Knit …


1960s Hippie Purse / Bright …


Gorgeous Orange Dahlia, Fall…


Cute Fox hand drawn Cameo Ne…


Nature Photography: Bold 8x…


Drawstring Jewelry Pouch – J…


ON SALE – Orange Rope, Nauti…


Large Print Orange, Orange D…


Crochet Flower Applique, Hal…


photo album ,Photos, travel …


Orange & Red girls TuTu Skir…


SALE – Orange Delight Pearl …


Old Hollywood

old hollywood by stitchknitI found this piece of fabric at a local estate sale & thought it was so unusual.  After getting it home, I noticed original price tags on it, along with the fiber content tag.  Bonus!

This is a 50/50 Cotton Rayon blend, which gives it the most lovely feel.  (I can’t look at fabric without feeling it, can you?)

There is also a price of .69 cents from Woolworths.  Pinned on with a straight pin no less.  I’m old enough to remember fabric for .69 cents a yard!

I’m not much of a movie buff however, so I don’t know who the actors are on this piece.  Think I recognize Jimmy Stewart and perhaps Judy Garland?  See anyone you recognize?

Movie Stars FabricFabric available here: