happy earth day!


I grew up when this was just how one lived….not a ‘thing’ with a special day for it!  Pretty sure all three have creativity at their core too!

I try to be mindful of all three R’s in my studio, by making conscious decisions to save bits & pieces of fabric and yarn.  If I can’t come up with projects for them, I find organizations that will be able to use what I can’t.  Feels great to keep items out of the land fill if at all possible.

Making something from vintage patterns or material is usually more fun for me than starting with all new materials.  Costs less too!  Re purposing parts of a garment and turning it into something wonderful is a special treat!

Little Girls 'twirl' skirt, using vintage lace....

Little Girls ‘twirl’ skirt, using vintage lace….

I continue to search for vintage patterns, adding a couple new ones on a daily basis.   I love this one, added here today

Very easy, Very Vogue….a beautifully simple design. Hasn’t been cut or unfolded!



Re Purpose

See how much more creative you’ll feel!


In the Studio at Stitchknit

I have been busy sewing on clients’ orders, but have managed to get a few things completed and a new scarf on the needles.  Not sitting idly by here!

Interesting yarn, white with eyelash detail and another strand with little puffs of color

Interesting yarn, white with eyelash detail and another strand with little puffs of color.  Will end up being a great summer weight scarf.

Planning ahead for football season!  Baby sized football hat for the little fans!

Planning ahead for football season! Baby sized football hat for the little fans!

Upcycled T shirt Scarf; Fun summer accessory

Upcycled T shirt Scarf; Fun summer accessory

Stop by the shop to see what else I’ve been up to.  Stitchknit; Creations in Fabric & Fibers

Mystery Yarn Box

Collection of mystery yarn from Stitchknit

Collection of mystery yarn from Stitchknit

Available in my shop for $21.00.  Great gift idea for Mothers Day, if you have a grandma or mom who delights in making crafts, doll clothes or other small projects!  I ship these inside the US and will be happy to include a message from you!




Note: Halloween is in October

I’ve already had my first order for Halloween!  Seems early, but I’m thrilled it will be one less ordered in October!

Getting ready to add fringe to Ms Poppins inspired scarf

Getting ready to add fringe to Ms Poppins inspired scarf

Try as I might, I can’t get ahead on this wispy little scarf.  I’ve had a completed one in actual inventory here a total of ONE week!  Yes, within 7 days, ‘she’ was off to her new home…………practically perfect in every way!

I will get started on another soon.  Tuesday in fact.  I’m taking my mom to the dentist, so will make good use of my waiting room time and see if I can put one of these on the shelf here!


My version of Mary Poppins scarf

My version of Mary Poppins scarf $46.00



Summer Sunshine Tie Dyed Scarf

Tie Dyed T shirt Scarf from Stitchknit

Tie Dyed T shirt Scarf from Stitchknit

Add a pop of color with this easy to wear upcycled T Shirt scarf.  $17.00


I have more of these coming………they are on the cutting table, so getting close to listing them!  (gray, dark green, purple, heathery looking dark blue)

Christmas Wrap Up

Finally, I have pictures of the Christmas 2013 project here at Stitchknit.  This took a full year, from November 2012 and they were picked up November 2013.

This was the stocking to copy....4 times!

This was the stocking to copy….4 times!

It took me until February to source the materials, matching the 2 ply wool yarn was the toughest.  Ordered white Angora to match the hair and beard and discovered they were actually cream.  Finally got my materials and then tackled the “notes” from the original knitter.  These were truly notes.  Not a pattern as we know patterns today.  The notes started from the cast on at the top of the sock and had some detail regarding the Santa face……….but the directions stopped at the heel flap!  Said to just continue as a sock!  Good thing I love sock knitting, and after painstakingly counting stitches on the original………just barreled ahead.    I was sweating the supplies I had ordered, as I truly am NO good in figuring yards, ounces and such.  Once I had the first stocking done (minus the double knitting at the top, the bells and the personalization) I felt so much better with the amount of yarn I had for the remaining 3.

Sock #1 & #2 Before blocking

Sock #1 & #2 Before blocking

Inching towards summer at this point and starting to see the November deadline flashing in front of me!  Implemented an hour a day on this project which helped me see consistent progress and kept me from away from full-blown crazy.

Saved the fussy bits at the top of the sock until I had all 4 stockings knit and sewn up the back.  (yes, the original had them worked flat until the Santa was knit, then joined & worked on double points.  Did the double knitting on all 4, added the bells and then stitched on the names.  Stopped mid way to block these before the bells went on….  Getting ahead of myself here.

Best news ever…….I did finish them on time, the client picked them up before Thanksgiving, so they could have their traditional decorating event that weekend.  Thanks to Rachel from nomarkatall.etsy.com I have pictures to remember the project.   The client gave me permission to write up a complete pattern to offer in my Etsy shop too, so the pictures are ready to go!

The beginning

The beginning

Blocked and Completed

Blocked and Completed


Ready to Display!

Ready to Display!

Now, I just need to write up a pattern & share this vintage goodness!

Bright Stripes Blanket from Stitchknit

Bright pink stripes to welcome your new little one

Bright pink stripes to welcome your new little one

Handmade goodness, this diagonal striped blanket is a perfect size for car seats/carriers/strollers!

$65.00 Ready to ship


Treasury Tuesday: Spring Blooms

Enjoying signs of spring here in western WA state!  Love seeing the colors return!

‘Spring Blooms’ by graficot


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Felted wool slippers purple - Storow
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Treasury tool by StylishHome.

On My Needles

Working on an all white baby blanket……just the knit stitch, but with a vintage boucle type yarn.  Love how this is working up.  So far, the plan is to stop the knitting when this is squared up, then I’m going to add a 3″-4″ wide crocheted edge around the blanket.  I will be adding this to my Etsy shop, with the idea it would be lovely as a christening blanket.

Baby blanket on the needles at Stitchknit

Baby blanket on the needles at Stitchknit


WIP’s (works in progress, for those non knitters)

Tiny sweater on the needles for American Girl Doll

Tiny sweater on the needles for American Girl Doll

Making up some clothes & accessories for American Girl Dolls, in time for Easter.  These little items make great choices for families that don’t want to do the ‘all candy’ sort of Easter basket.  Have only a few items left in my shop, so it is time to “play” with doll clothes!