Making Noise!

I have been voiceless since the first week of January……… when I discovered I could make some noise this week, it was cause for a minor celebration!   Noise does not translate into a speaking voice however.  And, I can’t just open my mouth and make noise on command.  Sometimes I still get nothing!  And, other times I sound like the calls from seals at the beach!  So, answering the phone is not on my list of skills yet.  (Thanks to Melinda and Rachell for helping with the phone chores!)

Since I’m just sitting quietly here…………I have been making headway on my knitting & sewing projects that were getting a bit backed up.

Goddess Shawl by Stitchknit

This is truly a white shawl, but I can’t get it to show up as white.  I’ve got a couple ends to weave in, and the picture problem to solve, then this should be listed in the shop.  The yarn is 100% silk…………the shawl is an Adult Small………..and it turned out to be a pretty bit of crocheting!





Corn Fiber Yarn at Stitchknit

One of the new yarns in the shop, see them all here in my supply section.  I have the same corn fiber yarn in a solid seafoam green and a deep charcoal gray.

I’m slowly adding vintage lace trims too…  Emphasis on slowly!




Since I’m just this week, starting to feel more like myself…….everything I do is done slowly.  And, in between doing most everything, I need to find a sit down job………….which is why I’m getting lots of knitting time in!  :)


Nothing Better than New Yarn

Well, maybe getting my voice back would be better!  Still can’t talk, but wow………have I been knitting.  (and crocheting)    Will get pictures of the latest creations this week, but for today…’s just yarn.

Hot Pink Yarn at Stitchknit

Novelty Yarns at Stitchknit

Yarn from Stitchknit

All of these are listed, with more to come soon!  See the full descriptions and additional  pictures here in my supply section.  Time to get those knitting needles fired up!


Just Listed………..and Sold!

Love writing that!  These ruffled scarves are a popular item.  I wonder if people know how simple they are to make?  One could knit these with their fingers I think…..

Have one more of these in browns still in the shop here.    Hoping to get some of these done in a solid red and maybe a red with silver?  Would be beautiful with a black coat for the holidays.  And, I had a client ask today, if I had this in red!  Reason enough to make one right there!

I finished one tiny little item and added it to the shop yesterday.  Stop by & take a peek.

Lots of projects in the works here:  Still working on the 2nd hot pink sock for me!   New color of this scarf that just sold The new color is a camel or beige or khaki…..depending on who I ask!  Still have the white crocheted shawl in silk…’s going to take something huge to get me back to this piece.  Little girls scarf in Pinks!  (looks like cotton candy) And, I’m knitting and crocheting in ALL my spare minutes, to create a big bag full of yarn goodness for my 2nd Yarn Bombing event coming up soon!  I’ll be sure to take pictures as this one is going up.

Thanks for stopping in and a big welcome to the new followers!

For The Guys


Just so you don’t think everything I make is pink and  has ruffles , todays’ scarf is just the opposite.  See it here.

This worked up to be a super soft scarf.  Simple stitches, nothing fancy looking, just a great looking yarn with little flecks of color.  I kept knitting on this one, so it is longer than most of my scarves… took For-Ever!

Speaking of For-Ever………….which is most definitely longer than forever………….  I feel like it has been years since I’ve made anything other than a scarf.  I know some knitters enjoy making scarves.  Exclusively.  But, after this 30 day challenge of mine……..I know I’m not one of those knitters!  I’m itching to make something like mittens or a lace shawl. I can’t wait  to finish my hot pink socks …..on the 2nd sock, by the way!

I still have a couple more scarves to complete for this months challenge…………then, I’m on to other projects.  I have a notebook full of sketches, patterns, yarn snippets and stitch diagrams all waiting o be explored!   I have solved the conundrum I was having with the brioche stitch scarf.  Doing it the way I read the pattern, it reduced by half a the end, which was going to make it difficult to graft the beginning to the end.  I have finished the knitting the way I would write the pattern, and now the stitches match, which will graft so much better!  (must find some quiet time to get this step done.  I have to concentrate on this, as I don’t do it very often)
I’d better grab a scarf and get busy.  :)


Time Out


Took the knitting to the beach today.  Time off, time out, time to re-charge.  We even had blue sky!  Washington has not had the heat wave the rest of the US has been experiencing.  If we get to 70 AND the sun is out, it must be summer!

Update on 30 scarves in 30 days event:    Small drum roll here………………     I have 7 finished!  One weeks worth.

One yummy lavender yarn on the needles, for a luxury cowl from baby camel yarn.

Orchid acrylic for a crocheted piece.  More of a shawl than a scarf

Knitting complete for cowl #8, but need an amazing button to finish it off



Somber Thoughts


I am getting to my studio a bit late this AM.   I always turn on the news while waiting for my foster kiddo to go through his morning routine and this morning I was just blown away by another shooting in WA state.  There were 2 shootings yesterday, and then this morning a state trooper was killed in the line of duty.  I’m not even connected to any of the people or communities affected, but it just seems like these traumatic incidences are happening more often lately.   I just kept watching for news updates…..  thinking about how many people’s lives are changed this morning.



In the studio now……and grateful for a quiet day here.  I’m working on the finishing details for a crocheted cover/sleeve thing for a mason jar. The first picture is  looking at the bottom of the cover, from inside the jar.  I liked it last night, and this morning it seemed even better.  Simple, yet complicated ……circles and more circles.

My thoughts are to make this for either a table top candle holder, or one that hangs from a tree.  It also looks great with flowers in it!  I have the first cover made, and am playing with the hanging version, so it is long enough the heat from the candle is far enough away from the hanging cords………..yet still looks balanced.  When 3 of these are grouped together, it is a very pretty arrangement.  Country, shabby chic sort of pretty.    I’m going to make 3 for our mantle here, where I like to put flowers during the summer.  And, I’m going to have 3 that hang from a small apple tree growing in the middle of our patio area.  Candles out there would be lovely!

Almost Finished

I will be listing these in my Etsy shop, without the jars, so it will be an easy item to ship.  They would be lovely for a wedding reception, maybe with a mix of candles and flowers.

On the needles:  Lace weight apricot yarn, in a simple pattern….  Not sure what this is going to end up being…a scarf of some sort …………but, the details are still vague.  I love to just start knitting, with an idea in mind…..but staying open to options!  This could be a simple cowl, with a twist, as it seems to lay and drape beautifully.  However, a little longer and it is a lovely piece that could be used as a shawl, and it is gorgeous  pulled up as a head covering.  So, I’ll just keep knitting! :)

Still knitting on the blue baby blanket.  I’m using the diagonal pattern, and am getting towards the middle so the rows are really LONG at this point.  Slowing down, making what seems like no progress what so ever!

I will get an extra hour of knitting time in this afternoon, as I will be waiting for  our foster kiddo at his therapy appointment.  So glad I have something to do, instead of spending that time thumbing through past issues of gossipy magazines they have available in the waiting room.  Now, if they just had good coffee!  :)


Off to the studio and the rest of my day.  I will try to focus on ways to be kind to myself as well as to others today, it does seem like today would be an especially good day to do that!

Teeny Tiny Hearts

These little hearts are taking over here.  I’ve got bunches of them done, waiting in line for their pictures.  Some a bit tinier, and a few a bit larger……….but, hearts everywhere.  I gathered up all my crochet thread, bits of embroidery threads and any other hard twisted thread that had been hiding out in the studio and added a handful of different sized hooks, and these are some of the results.

I’m trying hard to stick to my new years resolution of doing something with all the little bits of supplies I have stashed.  These little hearts are transforming a bag of string into something really cute!

I’m leaving long ‘tails’ on each heart, so they can be used as a book mark, or used to sew the hearts to other items………..or strung together to make a mini string of heart garland to decorate with.  They would be cute to incorporate into wedding shower decor, or add to invitations…………so many ideas.

One of my other ideas on my 2012 List was to do more than contemplate the Master Knitters Program.   I am still searching for a master knitter to actually talk or email with, as I’ve got more questions than anything.  For the cost of the program, I can’t come up with many reasons it would be worthwhile.  And, I’m not sure I have the time it would take.  Anyone out there that has finished this program?

I did decide to join the Knitters Guild of America, which I have never done.  The newsletter is good, I understand, and usually covers skills that are required for the Masters program.  Our knitting group thinks these would be good to add to our group, giving us some additional push to increase our skill level.  So, a baby step towards the larger goal.  Not bad.



Snow Days = More Knitting Time

Seattle area……….snow…………   They just don’t mix.  At All.  A bit of the white stuff or even a mention of a bit of the white stuff & pretty much everything shuts down until the roads are ‘clear & wet’.

Well, we’re now on the 3rd day of the white stuff.  Beautiful, but most of us in Western WA have no idea how to drive in this stuff, and schools close up tight.  So, our foster kiddo is home.  And, has been home since last Friday!  I have plenty of patience, but I’m sure going to be excited when this kiddo finally gets on a school bus and we have some time away from each other!

On the flip side…  I do have lots of time to knit.  :)    All but one of my local clients have re scheduled their appointments for next week, so the calendar has taken on a pretty empty look. Nothing on the list until Friday.  Almost like a vacation.

I’ve been knitting and sewing, then crocheting and knitting some more.  One of the newscasters tonight was talking about people here in the Seattle area getting a little stir crazy after being cooped up in their houses and all I could think of was how much fun I was having!

I’m working towards a local craft sale scheduled for mid April, so I’m attempting to put items away for that.  Since this is my first time doing this, I have no idea what I’m doing.  No real plan, just a little list of items I think might be interesting.  So, I knit for the shop, and knit a couple for April.  This week has given me the time to get some items stashed.  I’m also gathering a little collection of items for a major felting event, since I refuse to felt one or two items at a time.

Here’s a bit of my quick knits this week………….

Ok, some quick crochet too!

On the needles…………this same infinity scarf, done with 2 strands of the white held together, giving it a chunkier, plush feeling…………eye glass cases to add to the ‘felting event’ and the ever present sock on the needles.  (almost to the heel turning stage on Sock #1)

And, the take away from all this, you say?   Snow storms are now the number one reason to have a big, really big yarn and fabric stash.  :)

Quick New Additions to the Etsy Shop

Finally, a couple new additions to the Etsy shop.

Similar styles, same yarn…………just a different colorway.  Just what I needed, a fun little knit project.  With company over the holiday, and foster kiddo home from school for 5 days……my schedule wasn’t really MY schedule at all.  Little projects were just perfect for the sitting & visiting time……..and great for the waiting time whilst  taking my kiddo to the park with his bike.

I love these mitts!  Ultra soft, chunky yarn, and basically neutral looking.  They would go with almost anything.  I wear mine inside the house, they are perfect for working on the laptop!  I’ve made a couple pair from lycra, that I wear when sewing or knitting to keep my hands warm.

The crochet baby blanket is coming along, albeit slowly.  3 more rows of white, and I get to start on the border stripes.  I’m making myself stick to the plan of working some of the ends in EACH time I work on the blanket, so it won’t be such a chore when I actually finish the crocheting.  Between the 5 crocheted granny square Christmas stockings and this Firetruck Baby Blanket, I’ve almost decided I prefer knitting over crocheting!

Back to work………..I have mountains of work in the sewing room, calling my name.

Eagle Above………..River Below

That was the title I gave to my latest treasury.  I so love putting them together, even though they seem to sneak their way into my day here and take WAY more time than I had in the first place.

But, I get an idea in my head & it is a bit like a scavenger hunt, to see what I can find on Etsy that will fill in my vision.  Wow, what talented people.  I think I put this particular grouping together for a couple reasons.

- I work in a basement.  One that has pretty much no view of the outside

-I live just outside Seattle, Wa.  The Seattle that isn’t getting a summer.

Put those two situations together & it just seemed like time for me to take a virtual hike.  Thus, the scenes of eagles and rivers and items like boots, walking sticks and trail mix cookies!  Eagle Above, River Below.

I found such interesting shops & items for this collection, be sure to check out the river rock necklace just one of the lovelies.


Create Something Daily Journal;

Almost nothing today.  Unless you count 2 homemade pizza’s for dinner.  They were delish.  Fresh mozzarella, basil from the garden and a touch of Italian sausage.  And, the best part?  There is a plate of leftover pizza in the fridge, so I’m going to be able to skip cooking tomorrow night.  (I just hate to cook; it is so temporary. Spend all day in the kitchen and the results are gone in less than 15 minutes here)

I managed a few minutes of knitting time………..worked on a Universal knit scarf, with a micro spun sort of yarn in the brightest fuchsia I could imagine.

Also had some crochet time while breakfast was cooking.  (here, again……the cooking stuff is just cutting into my MAKING time, all the time, every day!)   Working on a complete wardrobe of booties apparently.  I can’t stop.  I’ve got aqua ones, lavender ones and pastel mary janes with variegated yarn.   Hoping to have them all finished in the next couple days and ready to post.

BECAUSE………….Get this!  They will be the 98, 99, and 100th listing on my Etsy store site.    I’m getting just a touch giddy about the whole thing.  It has taken me almost 8 months to get to 100 listings.

Now, if I could just convince folks here to give up the regular meal thing, I’d have so much more time to knit, crochet & play with fabric!

**** And, a special “hello” to the new subscribers to my little Create Something Daily Journal….   Thanks for following along!  Why don’t you jump on board and start creating something daily too?