Treasury Tuesday: Monochrome

‘Monochrome Treasury’ by NancyGoldsteinPhoto

1 Interior Design Question A…


Delicate Hanji Paper Earring…


Mustache hair clips


Silver Pave Statement Bracel…


Beaded Necklace, Blue Wood B…


black grey white art glass c…


Thank You Tags, Wedding Favo…


Shine – Men’s Meteorite …


Hope Springs Eternal” B…


Tempest (black/grey/white) -…


Decorative Throw Pillows Cus…


Mystery Box of Yarn, Knittin…


Nature Photography, Tree Pho…


NEW Prima Flowers: Vibrato B…


vintage CAMMO scarf black gr…


Pen Original Abstract Drawin…


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Sneak Peek of Some New Finds

Some new finds for the supply section of my shop!  Just love a new stack of fabric!!!

Some new finds for the supply section of my shop! Just love a new stack of fabric!!!

A whole cone of vintage mohair yarn!  Fiber heaven!  Royal & Navy together, with a strand of black nylon throughout.  Very sharp looking.

A whole cone of vintage mohair yarn! Fiber heaven! Royal & Navy together, with a strand of black nylon throughout. Very sharp looking.

I've been searching for holiday fabrics to add to the shop in July.  These are 'finds' from the last sale I attended.

I’ve been searching for holiday fabrics to add to the shop in July. These are ‘finds’ from the last sale I attended.

Add these supplies to the huge box of un cut vintage patterns I just brought home, and the shop is going to be stuffed full by July!  Rescuing sewing & knitting supplies is almost as fun as sewing & knitting!

Mystery Yarn Box

Collection of mystery yarn from Stitchknit

Collection of mystery yarn from Stitchknit

Available in my shop for $21.00.  Great gift idea for Mothers Day, if you have a grandma or mom who delights in making crafts, doll clothes or other small projects!  I ship these inside the US and will be happy to include a message from you!


Treasury Tuesday: Pastel Pretty

Some of my vintage yarn is included in this great collection.  See more of my yarn ‘finds’ listed here in my Etsy shop.

‘Pastel pretty’ by GrannyTakesATrip

Canoe Photo, Chartreuse, Fine Art, Photography Print, Summer at the Lake, Beach House Decor, Feminine Art - j2studiosphotography
Canoe Photo, Chartreuse…

Pink Dandelion - curiosity vial bottle necklace Botanical Specimen glass Taraxacum seeds Nature lover Woodland jewelry Valentine gift - GBILOBA
Pink Dandelion – curios…

Nursery Art Bunny Rabbit Illustration Print Green White Cute Woodland Home Wall Decor 4x6 Nature Children Baby Girl Flowers Easter Rabbit - mikaart
Nursery Art Bunny Rabbi…

Shabby Chic Victorian Wooden Block Set. Baby Shower decoration. Shelf Sitter. Toy. Valentines - MiaBooo
Shabby Chic Victorian W…

CUSTOM ADDRESS STAMP personalized address stamp, custom stamp, custom rubber stamp, return address stamp, envelope stamp, (cas18) - DoodleStamp

Vintage 1980s Sheer Pastel Pink Flapper Dress Satin Bow Rhinestone Sleeve Cocktail Party Size Small - KMalinkaVintage
Vintage 1980s Sheer Pas…

Spring Summer White Daisy Flower Enamel White Pearl Beaded Beadwork Earrings - westlakebeads
Spring Summer White Dai…

Smith of Wooton Major - J.R.R. Tolkien - 1967 - Illustrations by Pauline Baynes - Hardcover - ThisCharmingManCave
Smith of Wooton Major -…

Rustik lin yarn, Cotton Flax Blend Vintage Yarn, Lanas Margarita, Knitting Notions - StitchKnit
Rustik lin yarn, Cotton…

Valentines Loving Soft Pink Flamingo Couple Art Print on watercolor paper. Sweet Home Wall Decor, original watercolor painting - triplestudio
Valentines Loving Soft …

Moonstone Necklace- Gemstone Necklace Opal Necklace Opalite Necklace Delicate Jewelry Gem Minimalist Jewelry Necklace Birthstone Necklace - lowelowejewelry
Moonstone Necklace- Gem…

Olive and Mint Green Paper Flower Bobby Pins Set of 5. Muted Spring Green Floral Rose Hair Pins. Rustic Woodland Flower Hair Accesories. - PiggleAndPop
Olive and Mint Green Pa…

1980s Floral Wool Pullover Spring Sweater / Susan Bristol Embroidered Cream Sweater - FoxburrowVintage
1980s Floral Wool Pullo…

Pink Crystal Earrings Wire Wrapped Crystal Jewelry Peach Brass Drop Bridal Earrings - BitsOffTheBeach
Pink Crystal Earrings W…

Peace Sign Necklaces with Glass Seed Beads, Silver Metal Peace Sign Charm - BeachDaisyJewelry
Peace Sign Necklaces wi…

Knuckle mint drop ring . Geo ring.  Listing for 1  one ring - Nuann
Knuckle mint drop ring …


Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Pattern or Yarn First?

Which are  you?  Do you ponder the yarn and wonder what to do with it……………..

Or, do you have a pattern or idea in mind and then start the search for appropriate yarn?


I’m in the first category.  I have the yarn and the ideas just start simmering away.  The more I look at the yarn, and start touching it…………the clearer the design becomes.

An acrylic yarn, in a soft shade of tan.

An acrylic yarn, in a soft shade of tan.

Just listed here, this one isn’t talking to me yet.  It would make a good choice for certain flesh tones if one was making dolls or toys.  Maybe the Baby Albert jacket from The Knit Stitch book?  What would you make with this?

This one is on my desk today, just listed here…..

Color, texture, shimmer...this novelty yarn has all three.

Color, texture, shimmer…this novelty yarn has all three.

Haven’t played with this one yet.  Very slinky, very lightweight.  I’m calling it a rust color, but that doesn’t seem to describe it well.  Listed as color #4205 on the label, so that doesn’t help at all.  What color does this bring to mind?Salmon?  Pumpkin?  Sometimes it looks a bit like copper to me…..

Any project ideas for this bit of vintage yarn?  Wondering about fiber jewelry…………..


Connected Through Yarn

More Yarn at StitchknitI have always loved acquiring yarn in ways other than the typical.  Yesterday was no different!  I had inquired about some yarn for sale on Craigslist a long time ago, and had totally forgotten about it.  I got an email asking if I was still interested…………Well, what knitter isn’t interested in more yarn?  I’ve never met one!

Short story: The  yarn is now in my studio!  Favorite spool?  The white one on the top of the lavender.  It is a wool, silk blend that has a twist that looks shiny in certain light.  Love the feel of this one.  Then, there is that luscious lavender and some workhorse basic colors too.  Most are wool blends which will keep me in winter scarf/hat yarns for a couple seasons!

The rest of the story?  The woman selling the yarn asked if I was interested in fabric?  Well……..that led to a very cool connection. Her mother has been sewing professionally for decades & lives here in the same county. She & I have now been “introduced” on line, and I see great things down the road!  I have wanted to find someone to refer clients to, when my schedule was over-full (as it is now).  This woman has been wanting to transition from larger commercial orders to smaller/quicker jobs for individuals.  We’re both happy. The daughter who sold the yarn is happy.  Win, win, win.  Love it when things just come together!


Estate Sale Haul

Yarn & More Yarn

Yarn & More Yarn

Here’s the van with the goodies from yesterdays Estate Sale visit!  I’ve taken a couple boxes out, so it shows how far the boxes go!  I’ve got space for them inside already, but I’m waiting for the 80+ temps to subside first!

I brought some of the vintage items in from the first row of boxes, and plan to get some pictures of them tomorrow.  There will be some things I didn’t plan on bringing home, as people kept going through “my” boxes before they got moved to the van…….but, I’m thrilled with what I see on the top layer of this collection!

Buying yarn or supplies this way is one of my favorites.  Not knowing exactly what I have to work with is part of the fun.  Getting items I wouldn’t normally choose……….seeing color combinations I wouldn’t typically put together…… so much more fun than ordering on line.  I certainly didn’t get the “shopping” gene!

The crew at the sale didn’t really believe me when I said I’d take a van full of yarn!  :)

Place Catchy Title Here

Too tired to think of a catchy title …… feel free to make one up!

I had a day that was just a bit too long.
It happened to be the first day to hit 80 here in the Seattle area (I fade fast at anything above 72)
I didn’t get a decent nights sleep, late night phone call….my moms twin had fallen & was in the ER
Up at the crack of dawn this AM, to get some things in the yard accomplished before the temp headed UP….and to check on my aunt.

Met with a new client this AM & he is going to be so fun to work with. In the small world dept, we ended up with a connection through a mutual friend. Love when that happens!

Then, the fun really started. I have been watching a new email list re; estate sales & auctions and had really checked out 1 that was happening this weekend & was less than 10 miles away. I decided not to go on Fri, or Sat….but to wait closer to closing time today. This one had what looked like obsessively sorted fabric, notions and YARN. LOTS……..OF……..YARN.

I stowed my seats in the van, took cash, and bags for the yarn, but was totally unprepared for the crowds, the weather and the mind boggling amount of yarn this woman had. Besides a 3 story house, there was a huge garage and 2 buildings that I’m not sure what they were used for. One building was ALL fabric, and then there was fabric on all 3 floors of the home. The yarn was also located in 3 places. Not a convenient set up in my opinion, but then……they didn’t ask me!

The yarn was in labeled boxes (apple boxes) and I ended up not needing my bags. The crew just took the boxes I had set aside and loaded my van for me! Great news, as I was more than warm at this point. The van is FULL. Boxes stacked 3 high, from the front seats to the back lift gate, and a bolt of fabric squeezed in on the top layer for good measure.

I’ll get a picture of the bounty ……….but not tonight. As I said, I’m more than tired. Happy. But tired.

Think it is time to grab some yarn, get in a comfy chair with my feet up and watch some mindless TV for a bit.

Not sure if my brain will shut off. I learned today, that after the sales (at least from this company) if there is yarn, fabric, or crafty stuff as they called it…..leftover……they take it to the dump. The staff did tell me to contact the office tomorrow & let them know I’m interested, as well as a list of others that would be happy to take this type of thing off their hands! When I left at closing this afternoon, there must have been 75 more boxes of yarn that didn’t sell. It’s going to haunt me! :)

Will be dreaming of yarn……

New Supplies

I’ve been adding supplies to my etsy shop for several reasons:

*  When I couldn’t find a supply I needed from other etsy shops, I located & ordered what I needed…..which left me with a bolt of extra.

*  I’m able to list things from my “stash” here at Stitchknit…..which is helping me get way more organized!

*  And, the underlying, real reason is…..   It gives me an excuse to search out fabrics and yarn in local estate sales, thrift shops and antique malls.  I love looking through collections of other crafters supplies and now I’ve got pages to fill with fabulous ‘finds’!

So, watch for more supplies like these!

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10 Reasons Why I Knit

Saw this list in an email recently & thought I should be able to pin down why I knit ……….so here goes (in no special order)

1)  I love color and oh, my goodness is there a chance to play with color when one is knitting.

2)  Texture………..the chance to touch all the yarns!  Some I don’t even need to knit up, they are just yummy to touch!  Like the baby camel yarn in this cowl:

Luxury baby camel yarn.....too soft to describe well.

Luxury baby camel yarn…..too soft to describe well.

3)  Something I love to do, that I can share with others.  Teaching knitting is almost better than knitting itself!  And, people pay me for it!  :)

4)  I have always wanted/needed something to do with my hands.  I truly dislike just sitting.  And, waiting is not my best skill……..but, give me needles & yarn and it is no longer considered waiting!  As a foster parent, I learned early on, to have projects with me at all times.  (much time spent in ER’s or an endless list of doctor, dentist & therapist appts)  Nothing worse than wasting time in someones’ waiting room, with out dated magazines!

5)  I love the magic of knitting.  After all, it is just 2 sticks and some string and a series of knots.  I am frequently in awe of the designs that come from arranging that same string into an actual ‘thing’.

6)  Knitting is one of those skills that has no end.  I believe one can always keep learning new techniques when it comes to this craft.

7)  Picking out a pair of socks for the day always reminds me why I love to knit!  There is just nothing like a hand knit pair of socks. Made to fit MY strange feet, made to stay up, not scrunch down in my shoes and made with as wild of a color combo as I choose!  My entire sock drawer is now filled with what I call “loud socks”.

Socks on DPN's8)  And, I have to admit, I love the wow factor when I knit on these little size zero needles!  Always a good conversation starter if I’m out knitting in public!  Then, of course I can point out my socks I’m wearing too…………for added effect!

9)  Knitting is something I learned from my mother & I love it for that reason too.  We still share knitting as a common interest!  Mom is a great one to bounce off tricky bits in a new pattern.  We find that just saying the sequence out loud to each other often times clears up any questions.  Having knitting as a bond between friends is great too, as they totally ‘get’ the need for all the yarn, tools and patterns one HAS to have on hand.  :)

10)  I like the part of knitting that allows me to take something out, to re-do a section until I’m am content with how it looks.  Easy to substitute a different technique, or decide I’m not happy with the whole affair and unknit it back to a ball of yarn!  I have one finished piece here in the studio that I’m not happy with right now & am threatening to unknit it and start over.  Love the colors and the yarn, they just need to be knit into something allowing for more movement.

Why do you knit?  I’d love to know.