Create Something Every Day??

Can I do it?  I took a challenge from an Etsy blogger, to create something on a daily basis and have gone between thinking I’m nuts (I mean, there truly are only 24 hours a day……….and I do have the normal ‘life’ stuff to handle too) and thinking it just might be possible.

I did adjust the guidelines a bit, so I wouldn’t feel defeated before the first full week wrapped up.    I promised myself I would write daily (and here I am!), and aim to post one new item in my Etsy store on a weekly basis.

So far, I’ve met & exceeded my goals.  TA DA.

The challenge had a couple pieces to it that were related to creativity and I’ve taken them on too.  Dropping TV while I’m in my studio and adding classical music.  This was not a tough one for me, as I’ve gone for years with no TV in the house and my preferred music genre is classical.  But, I had become lazy and there was a TV in my studio area…… it just seemed to be on.  What a deterrent to any sort of brain activity, let alone creativity!

So, the daily update starts here……….

-Worked on my endless or infinity scarf.  Can’t decide which to call it.  Bright red, chunky yarn and it has gone fast. Hoping to find another ball of the yarn in the supplies here, as I’d hoped to play around with adding a knitted ruffle along one side of the scarf.

-Finished one more of the soap sacks for the thank you gifts to customers who purchase from my shop.

-Started on the spa cloth, but had the wrong sized needles with me.  (spent 2 hours waiting for a kiddo at the dentist) Will re start this tonight, with the correct size needles.  Am out of the cloths, as they were the first item purchased…so need to replace them, and then re list.

-Prepped and hemmed a clients bed skirt to fit her mattress.

-And, as long as this is just my running tally about creativity…………I made orange marmalade and canned 10 pints!  YUM       Given my lack of experience with all things on line, I’ve got to list the fact I’ve now got a blog.  At least……..I hope I do!     Aiming for a picture too……with fingers crossed………..let’s publish!





One thought on “Create Something Every Day??

  1. Best Wishes as you take on the challenge. I read that blog post on the Etsy site too. I haven’t created something new every day yet. Starting my blog this month was one new thing I tried so far. I also wrote a draft for my first crocheting newsletter this month. I like your idea of aiming to list one new item on your Etsy site each week. You have inspired me. I am going to aim to list a new item in my Etsy shop once a month. Keep creating.

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