Success: A finished product AND a pic!

I did it.  I managed a finished product today.  Actually, two…….since I was knitting a pair of fingerless mitts.  🙂  I started the mitts a couple days ago and finished them up this evening while watching the State of the Union speech.  (which I thought was an A+ for our President)

I had a lap full of knitting set aside for this evening, so also finished a soap sack, which I include as a thank you with any sale……….and managed one section of my Spa Cloth, since they were the first item that sold from my shop.

I had 2 clients here at the shop, one waited for her items as it was a very small job and the other left me 6 pieces to alter…..picking up next week.  I really love altering clothing, and anything else for that matter, and enjoy the variety it offers me.  No two jobs are alike, so no two days are the same either.

I also worked on a project that has been in the sewing room TOO long.  A client is expecting me to tailor a jacket & I was hoping it would jump up and get itself ready for the first fitting.  Since it hadn’t moved, I cut out the shell of the jacket this afternoon and have it ready……..will email her asap.  She probably thinks I’ve moved or something equally drastic.    Sometimes, there are jobs that just don’t DO anything for me and unfortunately, they must sit in a Time Out section of the studio.   I guess this one just sat because I haven’t done any true tailoring for ages ….this is going to be good for me.

My piece I haven’t figured out, is the picture taking, posting business.    Will attempt to post the pic of the mitts……actually, it will be a pic of one mitt, as I’m alone in the sewing studio tonight!  And, unless there is a miracle, it won’t show up anyway….

HA.  It looks like it worked.  A good day all round.


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