Behind Already!

OK, my goal of updating on a daily basis needs adjusting. I missed checking in last night, as I was deep into finishing a project for a client coming this morning to pick up her order.
Yesterday was such fun, I confess………..I lost track of time and also failed to double check the calendar..something that is not typical for me.

I had found a little girl, willing to share her American Girl dolls with me for a photo shoot, and yesterday was the day. We had met before, then I began knitting for her dolls………..hoping to get some great pics and post the sweaters in my Etsy shop. Juliannah came with her dolls and we had a great time coming up with outfits & poses for the dolls…….highlighting the sweaters.
The deal was, I could take pics of the dolls and Juliannah got to choose a sweater to add to her dolls’ wardrobe. A win-win situation for both of us! And, such fun too!

Juliannahs' Choice

After editing the pictures, I did get one of them posted last night……….and totally forgot to update here. Will see if I can play catch up this evening.  Here’s the entry:

I have been busy creating, even when I don’t think I have much time. The journal entries make me realize I AM working, in bits & snatches most of the time, but I am creating something every day, which was the original goal.

Today has been varied………started a crocheted shrug for spring, using 2 strands of cotton (one of which I purchased on Etsy). So far, I like it, but it does not look as though it is going to be the adult size I was aiming for. Looks more like a medium girls size….hmm. Not willing to make it larger, as it looks so cute this way. I might have to call Juliannah back and see if she would model this for me when I get it finished!
Also on the last section of a knitted Spa Cloth. Hoping to get it off the needles this evening & start on the next one. I package these in sets of 3, so I’ve got to whip up 2 more prior to listing these in the shop. Sold the first set, so anxious to get the replacement back up.
I’m going to shop for a stitch/row counter today. My gift to myself. I have never had one, but the pattern to the spa cloths has convinced me I NEED one! 🙂 I will never memorize the 29 row repeat that this pattern has…….and I know I will be making these over & over, as they are so unusual. Ready to turn in all my little scraps of paper & my pen……..for a brand new counter. Off to read up on the favorites!


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