An Item Listed

I did it.  I finished an item, even adding 3 additional little pieces, so now it is a ‘set’.  I finished the spa cloth last night, but didn’t have a chance to do the picture taking bit until today.  Then, carved out an hour  to actually get it listed on Etsy.  I’m hoping to improve my time, but it takes me a full hour, even if the photos have been edited.

I’m aiming to have some of the general info saved in a Word doc, so I can just cut & paste the basic shop details.  With luck, this will speed up the process.  I should try doing the writing in the AM, instead of scraping an hour together at the end of my day.  I’ll bet it would sound more like it was written by an adult!  Another thing to work towards! At this point, I feel downright victorious to add another item to the shop.

Todays addition is the Spa Cloth and Make up remover pads………..unsure about the name, and trying out different pics as the front page shot……..but, it is listed.

Since this was the first item sold (thanks Melinda!) I wanted to get another finished & posted.

Also worked on the knitted choker with the railroad novelty yarn. Couldn’t find my notes, but I fiddled with it until the original idea came back to me.  Hoping to get some time to get it done by this time tomorrow night.  Looks great……….in black, with flecks of bright peacock blue.   It’s one of those projects that look WAY more complicated then it actually is.

Continuing with the green fingerless gloves this evening.  Doing two at a time, so I’ll be done with both of them by tomorrow.  I have an idea to add a ruffle along the length of the glove, and picking up the stitches to form a slight gather at the same time.  Hoping it looks as good in yarn as it does in my imagination!

Played with some taffeta and an idea for a new little project; for now, called a Keeper.  I have a sample, but wasn’t happy with the lining fabric I chose.  So, will dig around a bit more in the supplies here, to see what else lends itself to this project.  Lots and lots of decorative stitching on this one.  Elegant, feminine and a keepsake sort of piece.

Just so I don’t forget some of the tangents my mind is taking off on…..I’ve started an inspiration wall in my studio space, as well as a list on my whiteboard.   It’s fun to see which ideas actually make it to a real item!

Time’s up, my knitting needles are calling.


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