New news!

I listed the spa cloth last night…..and woke up this morning to find it featured in a treasury titled Happy February!

What fun this is………and how pretty and relaxing the treasury is.  I love to see how people group the items together, this one is soft greens and silvery items, not necessarily like items, but wow, do they flow nicely.


I re listed the patterned elastic today already.  I’m going to concentrate on updating my pics of the earliest listings (they look so bad………I can’t re list them as is)  The good thing is, I can see some progress with my picture taking; the newer items look better, the color is more true and I’ve become more comfortable with all the editing tools available.

Planning on viewing other suppliers elastic listings, to see what I’m missing with mine.  I have SO much of the elastic, and I feel the price is good….  But, no interest.   And, to be honest, I can’t think of a thing I will use it for.  I’ve cut hanks of each variety and have them strewn about the studio for inspiration……………..but, nope………….nothing has sparked an idea as yet.    Will make the elastic my goal for this week.  New pics, updated descriptions, and re listing by the end of the week.

On to the day here………                  Going to finish the green fingerless gloves (I hope) and finish a clients alterations order here at the shop.  And, since the sun is out, I’m going to garden a bit………trying to get a jump on the new crop of spring weeds!




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