I’m Hooked on Ruffles

I just finished the fingerless gloves……..or mitts………not sure what the current word is for these.  Whatever I decide to call them, they are done!  Seemed like they took forever, but it was about 3 days of some hit & miss knitting time.

This is my 2nd pair, knitting up & down the arm, not around.  This way, the gloves are so much more stretchy, at least I think so.  Plus, I love the vertical lines going up and down the arm, not going around.

I was “seeing” a ruffle, and thought it would work to finish the body of the gloves, then pick up stitches along the outside and knit them.  Did that and it looked OK.  I then did a row of increases in each stitch, and a row of knitting……..repeated 3 times and cast off.  I get almost giddy when I’ve got a ruffle like that on the needles and as I cast off, it starts to unfurl.  Too fun.

As if the ruffle wasn’t exciting enough…………when I put the first one on (nope, I couldn’t wait to try the pair on, had to try on the first one and then couldn’t wait to finish the 2nd)  I was focused on straightening out the ruffle, seeing that it went right up my arm in a line….    And, then I took the whole thing and twisted it on my arm…….and really fell in love with the design.  The ruffle wound its’ way around my arm, making a spiral design that was better than my vision for these.

Check them out in my Etsy store:   http://www.etsy.com/shop/StitchKnit

I found these very hard to photograph.  Used a model too, but still couldn’t get the detail to show up, since the ruffle is the same color as the body of the gloves.

Open for suggestions as to how to get the detail in the pics.


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