Yesterdays New Thing

Again, I missed a day.  I did finish this item yesterday and got it posted to the shop on Etsy………..but, forgot to bring my journal up to date here.
I have been creating something daily.  And, a couple times a week I’ve been able to post a finished item.  Success on that front.  It feels good to know I AM doing something daily, as my days, weeks and months seem to whoooosh by so fast!   This way, I’m accountable and am taking notice of what all I’m actually doing.

Yesterday I did get a new client here at my studio and had another client appointment to pick up an order.   I am getting pretty busy here,  which is great!  I went out on a marketing limb and bought ad space in the local paper, running it every other week for a year.  Started this ad in January and it did pull in new clients.

I finished up the knitted necklace, after starting it 3 times.  I had made these years ago, and could remember how it looked, but not what I did to get there.  Thus, the 3 times.   I have to tie in the ends before I have it picture taking ready.  And, I’ve been playing with adding something at the join………currently ‘auditioning’ a vintage button that just matches and looks quite amazing.  Will tack that on, and then the test will be to see if I can GET it on & have the button sit correctly on my neck.    If all that goes OK, it will be picture time.        Which leads to………….

I bought a mannequin from Etsy seller crochetgal and  it is on the way now.   Since the necklace looks like a little pile of string when it is not on a neck……I’m tempted to wait for the mannequin (whose name is Madeline, by the way) and take some pictures with her and the necklace.    Actually, I’m hoping that Madeline really jazzes up my entire picture taking event here.

So, back to what I DID finish yesterday.   I had cut this out a couple weeks ago, after I had discovered the little print that just set off both the pink and the blue sides to this flannel.    I had scraps of the white fuzzy fabric and decided a little heart was just the ticket.  Cute.  Fun to sew.  And, finished!



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