Daily Update

Nothing completed today.  Zip.

But, in my defense, I was gone most of the day.  I did end up with almost 2 hours of knitting time, while waiting for my teen at the dentist office.  Knit all the yarn I took!  (need to pack more next time!)   I worked with a very chunky acrylic yarn and knit up a narrow scarf.  Alternated rows of knit, with rows of yarn over & knit 2.  Looks interesting to me…..the yarn over rows look more geometric, with this chunky yarn………nothing lacy about this one.   Will keep going with it tomorrow, as I have more yarn….

Also worked in the studio, with the goal being to find my cutting table!   After working on several projects, I did find the table!     Made headway on some miniature sports jerseys, for a client who mounts them in shadow boxes with players stats & pics.  Fun, but tedious.

Met with a client, for direction on a custom order.  Given too much artistic leeway………..I tend to bog down.  I have too many ideas, and won’t commit to anything if it is for someone else.  Happy now, with my directions!

Almost finished a clients order………basic hemming pants.  Nothing fancy here, nothing creative either.  One pair still begging to be finished, but they require a change of thread in the serger.  Blech!  I am searching the studio for all the possibilities to be serged with black, before I change to orchid thread.  I know I don’t have anything to sew that is orchid.   Maybe this will look better in the morning??

I did re do a listing from my Etsy shop this AM,………forgot about that, it was so long ago!  🙂  Took a chunky knit scarf and re did the pics first.  Edited them, which still takes me forever…………and got them uploaded.  Looks much better to me, not perfect, but much better.  Can’t get over how downright awful the first pictures look.   Will continue to take one a day and re do, then re new the item, until I can look at the page without having to apologize.

At least tomorrows’ schedule is a bit friendlier than todays.  I have plans to knock some projects off the TO DO list here.


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