Manipulated Knitting?

I got the best mail today!  My newest knitting book Boutique knits arrived today.  I had to wait until this evening before grabbing some lace weight yarn and the first pattern in the book…………Pseudo Shibori Scarf.     Seems like an easy pattern so far………but at the end, I get to ‘manipulate’ the knitting.  I’ve never read a pattern that called for that.  I confess to manipulating some of the things I’ve knitted, but didn’t know it was a pattern direction!  🙂

I’ve never heard of shibori, and here I am doing something like shibori.  We’ll see how it goes.   Won’t be quick, as it is on little needles, with lace weight………….so, I should be finishing up around summer some time!  In other words, don’t hold your breath waiting for pictures of this event!

This was another of those days where I didn’t complete a project.  I did finish a clients order early this AM.  Felt good to cross one off the list in the sewing room.  Still waiting on some missing info to complete the mini sports jerseys.  Once I know which side of the fabric is the right side, they shouldn’t take 30 minutes to finish.  (fingers crossed)

Had more waiting time while at the doctor with my teen.  Worked on a commissioned sock out of yarn made from corn fiber.  Feels so soft……..I have no idea how it will wear, but it is fun to knit.  Slow going, as it is on size 0 needles.

I did complete the tying off of the loose ends on a knitted necklace I made last week.  Still waiting for the right bauble to show itself ………..I think the necklace needs a focal point and I haven’t found it yet.  Also, the pic will have to wait until Madeline arrives,  (my new manikin) so I can get a shot at a decent picture.

So, creative day?  Yes.

Completed projects…

A combination of some larger, time consuming projects and that darned life-stuff interfering played havoc with my productivity.

I’m grabbing my new scarf and knit for a bit before bed.


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