My Smallest Piece of Knitting

This is it, the smallest thing I’ve knitted in a long time.  Maybe ever??  Cast on, knit 3 rows, cast off.  Whoosh.  Done.

I love it, a tiny little choker that looks like WAY more than it actually is.  When I wear one, almost everyone I come across wants to know what it is, where did I get it, and then where can they get one?  It’s better than business cards!

I’ve done the best I can do without a model……but the pictures don’t do it justice.    Hoping to upgrade these soon…

For the last week I’ve had an interesting piece of fabric hung up in my studio and tonight I had fun turning it into an organic, bias cut scarf/shawl………..with 3 pieces of bias ruffles meandering the length of it.  I love it.  Still editing pics, but will get it ready to list tomorrow….

Still working on the diagonal scarf made with lace weight yarn.  Getting long enough I can actually see it now….Expected completion date:  still sometime in the summer.  🙂  I can knit for an hour and not see ANY progress.  I miss big needles and bulky weight yarn!

I did complete a clients order…..all ready for Monday.  Ready to finish up the order for Tuesday and found out I need to go do some much hated shopping.  I hate shopping.  Usually have the clients pick up the necessary items, but this one slipped past me.  So, off to the store I go ………for buttons.

A good day all round.  It was fun having a couple large blocks of time to spend in the studio and good to get a couple orders completed.  (love erasing jobs off my white board!)


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