A Stitch There, A Stitch Here

That was the way my day went.  Just a few stitches at a time, wedged in between the stuff that makes up my days.    I was daydreaming about artists of old……….being attached to a court, and able to create all day……..every day.    I suppose there were drawbacks to that system too, but some days, I’d like to give it a whirl!

I did get a piece done that has been hanging about in my sewing room for a week or so.  Just as fabric, but what a glorious piece of fabric it is.  I’d put it over my inspiration board…….then, laying out on the cutting table……..it has traveled around the room; just waiting to be whipped into something exquisite.  Today was it’s day.  Created and

listed, but try as I might……….not a true picture of this in dozens of attempts.  I’ll try later this week, when the mannequin arrives………and I’ll be looking at clients here this week, to see if any of them look like this piece and would agree to a photo shoot!

I can’t decide whether I should call this a scarf or a shawl, as it works both ways. So, for now, it is a Scarf/Shawl.

I had some”waiting time” today, so I got about 1 1/2″ done on the leg portion of a commissioned sock.  Pretty and very soft to work on.  Needed to switch to bigger needles, as my hands were cold and were starting to complain with the size 0 needles.  I made progress on a simple, chunky scarf done on size 13’s in a bulky ecru yarn.  Could be done tomorrow, depending on how smooth the schedule is here.

I’m still experimenting with the lace weight scarf.  Have almost 10″ done on it, but since it is done diagonally, it doesn’t look or feel like it.  I couldn’t wait to see what it was going to look like blocked, so it took a quick dip and is now blocked to it’s actual 5″ wide……….and almost 10″ long.  Looks very promising.  I can’t understand the gathering asked for, but I think I’ll follow blindly, and see what this ends up looking like.  Next time, I’ll experiment.

And, a nice surprise when I picked up the mail from yesterday.  My new business cards with the Etsy address on them, were in the box.    That address isn’t an easy one to share with others……….and writing it down is long too, so these will come in handy when someone wants to know how to get to my shop.

Made a new treasury too, today on Etsy.  If you visit my shop, there should be a link to it on my page somewhere.  I just can’t seem to get the right addresses copied and ready to paste when I post here…..    But, here is the shop address:






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