Finally Linked Up

I finally figured out how to get the Etsy store link up on the blog.  At least I’m hoping that is what I just did!

Several kind readers have suggested I do just that………and, with luck & a prayer, I should now see the website link on the sidebar somewhere.  Not feeling terribly confident!

Have been busy today both in the studio and out picking up some things from a friend who is moving.  She asked earlier this week, if I wanted her old sewing machine!  Well, guess who now has a sewing machine in the fitting room here?  Yes……..a very up to date Pfaff no less.  I’ve also got a van full of sewing tables, notions, a custom built thread cabinet and a couple tools that I’ve never owned before.

I’ve got the machine inside, but not the tables yet.  Too much moving about has to be done first.  Will be busy for a bit, trying to figure out which pieces go where; but I’m so excited to be given such gifts!  Too fun!   My goal is to have a mini work area in the fitting room, for those jobs I’ve had where I wished there was a machine in the room.  Those things that just need something taken in, or basted up………….and I didn’t want to leave the client alone while I made the trek to the actual workroom.  (to the other end of the house, then downstairs)  Sounds lazy, but it wasn’t a quick trip for me, or at least it never felt like it with someone waiting.

And, my new tools……….   One is a piece of fabric & some serious stiffener stuff, that one can make pleated fabric with.  I will have to try this gizmo right away!  I’ve never even seen one, so it will be an experiment.  The other is a new cutting guide, with slices in it, for the rotary blades.  I’ve never seen one of these either.  Not sure if this is going to be something I’ll use, but I’ll leave it out for a bit so I can ponder the possibilities.  Might be a fun little deal for cutting bias strips, although it seems too small to be much help with that.

Today I’ve continued to work on the mini sports jerseys for a client.  These are just about the same size as Barbie clothes, for anyone who has ever made anything that size.  I’ve got my first attempt at the project done……..and I don’t like it.  So, on to the 2nd attempt, with a few minor changes to the pattern.  Hoping to complete this project and have the pattern drafted by the end of the week.

Knit a few inches on a pair of fingerless gloves.  Doing both on the needles at the same time, so I’ll have a pair done when I cast off.  Also, it is easier for me to come up with my design for these, if I’m doing both of them at the same time.  Working from the elbow end, towards the fingers………with a 4X2 rib so far.  I like them too, which is good.

Finished off the ends to the bulky, ecru knitted scarf, but it is waiting for the finishing touch to be considered….DONE.  I ordered some satin ribbons yesterday, and have a piece of taupe that is slated for this scarf.  If something doesn’t have a ruffle, I need to add a bow………   I have a scrap of ribbon on the scarf now, and I love the look.  So, I’m waiting, not altogether patiently, for the ribbons to arrive!

Finished a crocheted shrug, first one I’ve ever made, so I’m not an expert on these…………but, there seems to be something not quite right, when it comes to the armhole area……..and the general size of this.  I followed an actual pattern, as I loved the picture of this, and had some cotton yarn that really looked right for it too.  But, it barely fits my display mannequin, which is only half a person to start with!  So, I’m thinking this might fit a young girl??  Maybe?  If said child didn’t want or need to move their arms?    This is the back, which shows the yarn & stitch……….  The pics of

the front did not show much of anything.  I think the whole idea needs a re do.


The sun is out here……..which always makes me feel like getting to work!   Will let the shrug project sit & simmer away on it’s own…..while I finish un packing all the new things for the sewing room!  Fun….


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