Racing The Calendar

I am.  I’ve declared a race to add 10 more items to my Etsy store by March 1st.  I told myself I wouldn’t do any sort of advertising, or featuring products until I had 50 things listed.  Thus, the challenge.

I’ve been a bit bogged down in the workroom, resulting in lots of orders in the works……..but nothing completed.  The new ideas and supplies are just that.  Ideas and raw materials.

I did complete one of the circular, short row Spa Cloths tonight.  I will make a soap sack tomorrow and list a 2 piece set tomorrow.  Will need to take new pictures, as my others are different combos.

So, the score for today is still zero.  (But, I am oh, so close to having the Spa set done for tomorrow)  🙂

My big TA DA for the day is the completed mini sports jerseys (and patterns).  I did 3, threw one out…….and have 2 for the client, who will be here bright & early in the AM.  Shirt #2 & I have a couple issues…………Shirt #3 I’ve only got one issue with.   I requested a switch out re: the fabric, so there is a chance I’ll be doing a couple more of these.  The last shirt took me almost 4 minutes to sew, after all, it is only 3 pieces……… long COULD that take?  Well….you should have seen how long #1 took!   I learned several things with this job, which is high up there on my list when I sew, or knit….or make pretty much anything.  What’s the point if I’m not learning something?    I was reminded that small things do not equal small jobs.  And, I learned how much I truly hate polyester fabric!  This darned stuff has a mind of its’ own, and it was not close to what I had in mind for it.

Knit a few more bands on the black, cotton scarf.  New name for these seems to be Infinity Scarf, or loop.  I’ve added the twist to this one, making it a true mobius strip, now a mobius loop.  So far, this is an interesting item, it has great drape, and since it is cotton, it would be good for spring.  With a pair of jeans & a white shirt, or over a dress instead of a necklace…  Many possibilities.  The trick will be to see if the client/friend who asked for a black scarf likes this one.  I’m keeping my eyes open for other black natural yarn of some sort.  Bamboo perhaps?  Linen??  Can’t be wool.  Entertaining all other possibilities.

Also worked on  a jacket alteration job today & have it  ready for the client.  Couldn’t nail down the fitting appt today, but she will call & should be here Sunday.  When she does get here, she will be bringing her office chair for a face lift.  I’m going to make a custom slip cover for the back of it, and actually recovering the seat portion of it.

All this regular work here at the studio is why I’ve had trouble getting new items completed for the Etsy store.   Have a couple things in the works; the blue knit mitts, a lace weight scarf in apricot and the chunky scarf just waiting for it’s piece of ribbon.  Beyond that……….it is a toss up what will get finished.  Items from the sewing room take less time than the knitted items….so, I vote for some sewing!

Check out my etsy store tomorrow, to see if I got the Spa Set done!




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