Finished items…….zero

Again, I finished nothing.  This is getting to be routine.  And, not a good one.

I did meet with the client re: the mini sports jerseys, which was a step in the right direction.  He is getting fabric that won’t ravel faster than I can sew it for the next version of the shirts.  This should be fairly easy, I’ve got the pattern done, and with the new fabric, the problems I was having should vanish!  (fingers crossed)

Turned down a job to alter a bridesmaid dress, as the cost of the alterations would be more than the dress in the first place.  It was going to be an icky job too…….Lined, boned, pleating at the waist…….this had it all.

I did get a large chunk of time to knit on the black cotton infinity scarf.  I also got the remaining yarn wound into ‘cakes’, so I’m ready to knit until I run out of yarn.  Hopefully, it will come out approximately the size of the scarf I’m copying for a client.  I’m not good at estimating how much yarn I need for a project.  If I run out, then the project is finished!  🙂

I had planned to get a soap sack crocheted to go with the just finished spa cloth, but ran into a color/yarn problem.  Had cotton yarn, but the colors didn’t compliment the cloth.  So, I added ecru cotton to the shopping list for Monday.  Also need royal blue acrylic yarn, to make a tassel for a clients ski hat.

Can’t remember if I clarified my challenge from yesterday or not.  I want to get 10 items added to the Etsy store by March 1st.   50 items.  That was my number to reach, prior to doing any sort of advertising.  Feeling confident, I went ahead and reserved a featured spot for March 1st…… I’m racing myself.

In the works:

A childs apron, just need to press & run the ties through ………and take pictures.  (this one almost doesn’t count, as the feature I reserved, is for KNITTING!)

A pair of blue knit fingerless mitts, the length of which will depend on how fast time goes between now and March 1st.  I’m doing both of them at once, and have them almost 5″ long so far.  Would like to add a crocheted motif if some sort on the back of the hand area……….   Will see how I do on this.

I have no prayer of finishing the lace weight scarf by March 1st…………..unless it is 3/1/12 !  This is slower knitting than sock knitting!    Might set this aside until March, giving me time to work on projects that are possible.

My chunky scarf is done.  Just waiting for the ribbon order to arrive……..and it has been shipped.  I do need to perfect my burned edges to cut ribbons for this project.  Practicing………..

The black cotton infinity scarf could be listed, as a reserved item.  Possible.  And, I’d learn how to do that too!   (can’t believe how much there is to learn to be involved in an Etsy store)

That’s five items.  I need 5 more!  Will dig around in the yarn stash tomorrow, and see if anything matches up with patterns I have set aside, and if that combo fits in the time frame.

Relisted a few things tonight, after doing an overhaul on the pictures.  Some of the first pictures I took looked so terrible……….and I’m not totally happy with the new versions, other than they seem a bit better to me.

Here’s the re do on the gray cowl.  I’m not getting it right yet, but this certainly looks better now with it on the mannequin.   See the other pics at:

Off to knit.  Picking up the 2 mitts ……..     March 1st is coming quickly.



I did finish a treasury today too………..Seattle skies……….

Stop by & visit, there are some great shops & items featured.




One thought on “Finished items…….zero

  1. Keep up the good work. Since you have so many projects in the works you may even surpass your goal. I hope to list at least 3 new items on my Etsy site by March 1.

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