On a Roll Now

I’ve put another new item up on my Etsy store.  A simple, but very interesting knitted cuff.  Like a bracelet, without the jewelry aspect.  Like gloves, but no fingers!

It’s made from silk yarn and has just a few beads on it to pick up the light.  Really lovely….I didn’t think it was “me”, but I can see myself wearing this!

If you’re keeping track, this addition to the shop, means I need 8 more items before March 1st.

I do think it is possible now, it feels better having a couple items completed.

The ribbon order came today, from GriffithGardens.etsy.com    so I can complete the scarf that was patiently waiting for the chunk of taupe ribbon to accent and hold the scarf closed.  Wow, what gorgeous ribbon.  Should have the pics of this one taken tomorrow, so it might be making it’s debut tomorrow night.  Fingers crossed.

I’ve got a chunk of time this evening and plan to complete the 2nd crocheted flower for the back of the blue mitts.  Finished the mitts yesterday???   Can’t remember.  I played with a pattern last night and have one of the flowers……..more of a raised motif thing………and it is so beautiful on the mitts.  The 2nd one will be quicker than the first………I hadn’t done anything like these in a long time.  Slip stitching through the back of the item, through the p0st……..  made me think!  I do love the result tho, so all the back post business was worth it.

Will do another couple rounds on the cotton scarf after completing the motif…  And, I picked up some matching yarn today, for the clients ski hat job.  I have the hat undone, and frogged back a little over a inch.  The problem is, the hat is too big……….& the client wants it to fit.  There is obviously enough yarn for that, since I’m making it smaller, not larger, but the matching (sort of matching)  yarn is for a new tassel for the top.  Would like to get the hat re knit tonight too, as this is to be picked up on Friday.  I’m trying to decrease to match the original hat pattern & knitter……….but need to bind off at least an inch sooner.  My first attempt ended with a hard, solid feel to the top of the hat, not at all satisfactory.  Will increase the size of the needles & see what I come up with tonight.



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