Ribbons, Yarn, Knitting……….and a carpenter?

I had an entire day today, with nothing on the calendar until this evening.  I had such high hopes!!!  Made a big pot of meat sauce, so dinner is almost a done deal……and planned on spending time in the sewing room/studio.

Well, the old adage  about the best laid plans came up and poked me with a knitting needle!  The planned for bathroom remodel that was supposed to happen last Friday & Sat………..got started yesterday and has spilled over to today and there are rumblings it will now last until Thursday.

I did get some extra exercise in today, as the bathroom in question is upstairs from my sewing room area.  So, up and down I went.  Did I know the outlets in the bathroom were not functioning?  Where is the electrical panel?  And, the water shut off valve??    Getting the picture?   Just when I’d get started on something, someone would need something.

But, it apparently spurred me on, as I’ve got 2 completed items today, with one listed already.  One ready to list tonight and one completed and ready for a photo shoot tomorrow.  Now, that I type all that………it seems pretty fantastic!  AND, the bathroom is looking great too!  🙂

This Spa Set is now posted.   I have the same set ready to go in our new shower!  (Planning ahead here)


This scarf is the one that was waiting in the wings for so long.  The ribbon order arrived yesterday and I do love the combo.  If something has a ruffle or a ribbon or a bow, I’m hooked!    Will be adding this to the Etsy shop this evening.  Stop by to see how I’m doing on my challenge to get 50 items posted by March 1st!



Tonight is the Etsy Rain teams meet up in Seattle.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that the schedule holds here, and I get to attend.  I went last month, for the first time & loved it.  Besides holding the event in a coffee shop that has the BEST hot chocolate anywhere, I came home from the evening to find I had sold my first 2 items in my shop!  Wouldn’t it be fun to have the same thing happen tonight?



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