Feeding My Addiction

Yes, I continue to feed not only my yarn/fiber/fabric addiction……….but, I have now branched out to a ribbon addiction!

My latest item is a reflection of these snippets of ribbons cropping up in my knitted work.

This taupe satin ribbon is just amazing.  I get pretty distracted just touching it, tying it, and playing with it.  I settled on this look, looping the ribbon through the eyelets in the scarf……and tying the whole thing with a gorgeous bow.  What’s not to love here?

If you’re keeping track, I’m up to 44 listings now, and on target for 50 by March 1st.

I did not get to the fingerless mitts today, just have a button to sew on each of them and they are ready for the camera.  Hoping for a smooth schedule tomorrow, so I have time to take the pics and then spend the time editing them.  I am liking my pictures more these days…..but welcome any comments or suggestions on them.

I gathered some more bows up, by combing through some shops on Etsy and came up with this treasury.  Please stop by, check out some of the great shops and please make a comment about your favorites!


I have a baby blanket on my needles today……should be able to finish it by March 1st.  Easy pattern, the type of knitting I lovingly refer to as my ‘idiot knitting’.   Anything that doesn’t require counting, or keeping track of patterns, no changing colors……….all qualifies as idiot knitting for me.  I love a good challenge as much as the next knitter, but so much of my day includes waiting, meetings, and other such activities that leave me time to knit.  I just can’t concentrate on my knitting.  (must look at least somewhat attentive!)    This blanket is shaping up nicely.  It is knit on the diagonal, with a white bulky yarn, with flecks of pastels throughout.  There is a regular yarn over near the edges, giving it a nice border without really doing anything!  A quick knit, and a very useful item too.

Tomorrow doesn’t have any huge blocks of time for knitting……..I’m teaching a private sewing lesson , so will be gone much of the day.

Too tired to see my stitches this evening.  Shutting down the sewing room, and putting the needles all to rest.

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