Insert Catchy Title Here__________________

My day didn’t seem to be my own.  I had a schedule, but lost control of it early on today.   So, I can’t think of a good title for the post.  You read, and see what you come up with.  It was a mixed bag sort of day here.

Fortunately, a client had called yesterday & canceled a fitting for this AM.  I did use the time to work on the client order for tomorrow morning.  Good thing, as the rest of my day just got eaten up by non-knitting sorts of activities.

I did have a private lesson in the afternoon, which was planned, but I typically forget to factor in the drive time.  I teach the private sewing lessons at the clients homes’, so they can use their own equipment.  Doesn’t do much good, to learn how to sew on my machines, if theirs are a different model.  Since it was a new to me area, I allowed an hour to get to the clients’ home, and good thing……….it took just that long.  Not so much coming home; but I didn’t get to come straight home.

I had a LONG list of non knitting errands to run after my class………….so, with a 2 hour class and the commute time, whoosh…… day was pretty much gone.

I did spend some time this evening knitting on the baby blanket.  It is looking quite good, if I’m allowed a biased opinion.  🙂  Very soft and quite cushy, if that is a word.  I’m knitting on size 13 needles, so it has a lofty feel to it.  Another hour or two, it should be at the widest part and I can start decreasing to the opposite corner.  Fun pattern.

I did finish the ski hat job for a client.  The pick up appointment is in the morning, so non too soon on the finishing aspect.  I did some pretty unconventional things on this job;  unknitting and re knitting with a make shift decrease pattern, to cut an inch off the crown.  I copied a tassel of the clients, and had a devil of a time lashing it together by myself.  Needed at the very least, one more hand for the job.  Oh, and the cord between the tassel and the hat???  I had nothing here that would resemble the one I was copying, so ended up using one strand of the yarn, then doing almost an embroidery stitch with another strand of the same yarn…………along the cord.  It is pretty darned similar.    Will keep my knitting needles crossed, that the client is pleased.

No new items completed today, so I renewed the cotton, knit scarf.  Love this scarf………..and it is a fun one to knit. Full of wraps and short rows, so the scarf ends up being wider in the middle and narrower on both ends.  I used 100% cotton on this, so it has a casual, organic feel to it.  Would look great with jeans & T shirts.

Since there are still a couple hours left in the evening………I’m going to settle in with the black cotton infinity scarf and see if I can get a couple more rounds done before quitting for the night.


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