The Hat Fit………..and the saga of the umbrella…

Success.  The ski hat “alteration” worked, and the hat fit…..perfectly.  The oversized tassel was a hit too..  A satisfied client; no better way to start the morning.    This job was challenging, but truly fun.  I absolutely love learning about another knitter by working on their project.  Took me 2 tries to get the tension, needle size and decrease pattern to match, but unless another knitter inspects the hat……….I think it will pass muster.

I did get the pics taken of the blue fingerless mitts and like them…….still LOVE the mitts.  Really love the flower motif.  It is one of the first crocheted motifs I like, it is just different enough. I added these to the shop this afternoon, so I’m half way to my goal of 50 items by 3/1.

I tackled a clients job that has been waiting………and waiting.  It is not going so well, so I thought a ‘time out’ was in order.  Both for the project …… umbrella………and myself.     I’m attempting to attach red silk roses to the edge of a black umbrella.  It is stunning.  I know this, because this is the 3rd time I’ve done this same project, for the same client.  The first time, was removing the roses from an umbrella whose up and down mechanism quit working.  After I got the roses on a really great quality umbrella, the client took it to Paris on vacation.  The gorgeous umbrella got stolen.     The next chapter:  The client wanted me to make another umbrella.  Before we got all the pieces for the project, she found a completed one on line.  Bought it.  Used it ONCE, and before getting inside a restaurant on it’s debut outing, the gorgeous umbrella got caught in the automatic doors and just crunched.  So, off with the silk roses AGAIN………..and I’m supposed to be putting them on another great quality umbrella.  Only problem, this time the flowers are the culprit.  The holes in the stems are WAY too small, and close to the edge, so one needle & thread through the hole and most of them burst and break it two.  Or, in handling the rose itself, the flower comes apart.    Will look at the project in the AM and try to get some more of the flowers attached.  Crossing my fingers I’ve dealt with the inferior flowers and the rest of them are going to be great!



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