Just Knitting Away Here

Another one of those days today, where I just keep working on what I have going.  Nothing close to being completed, so nothing new to list in the Etsy Shop.

I did renew a listing today; one of the American Girl Sweaters.  I also sent all the pics of the dolls and their new sweaters to the little girl who is shown in this shot.  Julianah brought her dolls for the picture taking event, in exchange for a sweater of her choice.  Nice trade for both of us.

As an aside, the American Girl Store will be coming to our town soon I understand.  There will be a store as well as the tea room, just like their others throughout the states.  This new store will be one of just 9 in the United States.  Makes us feel pretty special here in WA state!

I spent a couple hours knitting on the baby blanket and do think I’ll have it ready to add to the shop in a day or so.  I reached the half way point this evening, and started decreasing, so this half seems so much smaller than the half with the increases!  Sort of like a trip………coming home seems to take less time than getting there.

Also spent an hour or so, attaching the silk roses to the umbrella.  Seems I’ll never get this one done.  My pile of dead roses (those that fall apart, or the stems break in half) is growing.  Hoping I have enough & we don’t need to shop for matching posies.

No clients scheduled until next week, as we’re already in the middle of a looonnngg weekend here.  No school until next Wed.    Already looking forward to Wednesday……………


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