Number 46 and Counting…..

Took an aqua knit baby blanket off the needles a couple weeks ago and just finished the crocheted edging today.  I like this blanket because it is so soft, a quick knit due to the BIG needles and looks different because of the diagonal pattern.

I don’t like this blanket for a couple of the same reasons.  I know.  No sense to this.  But, the big needles make it have a mind of its’ own.  It sort of slip slides a bit, and the stitches are so big, some of them slide about and become really big and have to be coaxed back into line occasionally. 

Here it is, wrapped around the doll baby that has taken up residence in my sewing studio & is always ready for a photo shoot.

I have decided my camera doesn’t like aqua, most greens and deep, dark browns.  This pic shows (at least on my monitor) the color to be pretty much spot on compared to the real thing.

Anyway………………after finishing the blanket, taking the pics and going through what seems oh so tedious to me……the editing of the pics…..   It is in the shop.

46 items.  Didn’t think I’d ever see this many when I started out in December.  I remember thinking 10 was HUGE.

Still have the white baby blanket on needles.  It might get done this evening, but I’m not going to hold my breath & I suggest you don’t either.  Besides weaving in a couple ends, this one will be done when it is off the needles.  Nothing fancy about Number 47.

As far as 48, 49 and the much awaited number 50………..I have no idea what they are going to be yet.  Thinking about the following list:

-a bright green felted bowl, the smallest size in a set of nested bowls I’ve done for myself & LOVE.

-a baby jester hat, which I’ve done before too, but hate, as it had a combo of too bulky of a yarn pick, or too big of a needle size, not sure which.  The hat is more than cute, so I’m anxious to get the right combo this time and see if it is a winner.

-a felted bag, using a combo of pinks that aren’t enough to do anything on their own, but together I think it will make a decent sized clutch for spring.

-Oh! Baby! Booties.  Have one pair in the shop, they are a quicky to knit and I love how little they are.

With the school vacation until Wednesday of this coming week, I need to pick items I have all the supplies for.  Also need to do things I’m able to work on with multiple interruptions and be able to finish them up quickly.

All this for a deadline/goal I set for myself.  Someone asked me this morning, what in the world I was working on that was so important?  I was momentarily stuck for words.  Not like me, I know.    Just a goal, a challenge, a promise to myself……….all rolled up into what has come down to a race between me, the yarn and the calender.

One week left, if I don’t count today…..


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