Number 47, with 48 close behind…

Yes, it is sounding just like a race.  Completed the white baby blanket last night, and managed to get the pictures taken, and edited this morning.  Love this little blanket.  Made it smaller than usual, so it is the right size for using with a kiddo in a car seat, or stroller.   This turned out very light weight, fluffy and oh, so soft. 

I had some uninterrupted knitting time later today and matched up some pale yellow yarn (which I truly thought was off white to begin with) and the new pattern for the cabled cuff.  I wanted to make the cuff out of ecru or white, to bead and list as a wedding accessory.  At this point, the pale yellow cuffs are knit.  Need to come up with some embellishment and then stitch them together.  Some ideas are picking up stitches on both edges and either adding a picot detail, or my all time favorite ……….a ruffle.  And, there is always a bit of crochet trim on both edges…..   Decisions, decisions.

Since the cuffs went together quickly, I started on the next project in line.  I had a 3 corner jester hat I had come up with years ago.  However, the thing was too big.  Aimed for an infant hat, but got something that would have fit a small adult.  Way too big.  Matched up some yarn with needles a couple sizes smaller than the original try………..and so far…… is looking just about right.  Keep in mind, I have no infant anywhere to try this on…………and it’s been about 28 years since I’ve put a hat on a baby……..    🙂

So, if all goes well, the jester hat will be done in the next day or so.  A fun finish to the top; 3 pieces of 3 needle bind off, and then 3 pieces of I-cord to decorate the top.  Very cute in the sample & this new version is going to be cute AND usable!

Let’s re cap;     yellow cuffs         #48

jester baby hat    #49

And, the #50???   Still not sure.  A felted bowl, or a felted clutch purse are both in line.

Better get to work, so I can finish up my 50 listings and then get back to work.  Clients orders are stacking up and last time I checked, no one was working on any of them!



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