Getting Closer & Closer with Each Stitch

I thought I might run out of month, before I made it to my goal of 50 items listed in my Etsy store by March.  But, I’m getting very, very close!

Just finished item number 48.  Forty Eight!    Two months ago I thought 10 items was alot!

Here’s the latest……………..a Knit Baby Jester Hat.  I love this hat.  I used it before as a demo for the 3 needle bind off technique.  It’s a fun knit, and ends up being a really cute, unique baby hat.

I don’t have a baby to model….so, used my baby doll.  The hat is a bit big for the doll, but this was the best I could do.  Love the I-cord that sort of sprouts out of the 3 corners!



I crocheted an edge on the cabled cuffs, as they just needed a bit more to finish them off.  I wonder if others have the same problem.  I get an item finished………..then, decide it isn’t done.  Sometimes, the unfinished item has to sort of sit around, letting me play with possibilities.  The cuffs might be finished tomorrow, we’ll have to see!!  The plan was to sew them together, making them a bracelet that needed to be slipped on over your hand.  These are so lightweight, I’m not sure that is going to be the best.  Can’t lap the ends over, or the cable pattern won’t line up.  I’d really love ribbons, but then people would need assistance to put them on.  Decisions, decisions.

I cast on for the felted clutch.  I’m going to blend 4, maybe 5 yarns for this little clutch. Hoping the colors just wash together, without too much of a stripping effect.  Since I’m using 2 strands for the whole project, I will change only one strand at a time, making the changes more subtle……….I hope.   Have several possibilities for lining; we’ll see what goes best after the actual felting.

Six days left. ……………Two items to go.

I’ll go get the needles warmed up.



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