Photography Skills Improving

Todays big thing is the new pics for 2 of my bulk elastic listings.  I can’t believe I posted the first pics, but there they were.  Awful. And, I let them stay there until today.  I actually like the new pictures. They look like elastic too.

Maybe I’ll hate these when I look at them in 2 months too…..but, for now, I’m liking them.  I’ve got 2 more elastic offerings, hoping to get those pics re done tomorrow.

No finished items today.  Hate to start a sentence with a negative, but the day started off wrong here.  Woke up to snow and the news our school district was closed.  Translate that to ………..I didn’t get my usual day of uninterrupted time in the studio here.

So, in fits and starts, I DID get the felted clutch off the needles and in the wash.  Currently have it on the rack.  The cookie rack that is.  Trying to dry it in a hurry, so I can get the lining in and get the pics done before the end of the month.  Thought I was going to add something to the outside of the clutch, but so far, nothing has jumped out at me.

I spent what felt like ALL DAY working on the lined blazer project.  I had to stop, as the lining isn’t cut out yet, and the shell of the jacket needs a fitting before I finish the rest of it up.

I grabbed at least an hour for the cotton infinity scarf.  That translates to 5 rounds I think.  Seems to take forever, and since the whole thing is done in a 3 X 3 rib pattern, it doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger, despite spending time on it.

Time to get to work on the 4 shirts for a client due before March 1st.


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