To Felt………or Not to Felt?

That is the question of the day.  I have the felted bag knit, felted and dried.  I have the lining picked out and will cut, assemble and attach tomorrow.  The question then, is about the detail, the decoration, the added something for this little bag.

I have fallen in love with a crocheted flower, with 3 layers of petals…, I quickly whipped one up in the same colors as the bag and pinned it on this little charmer.  Loved it!  Added a round flat bead to the center of the flower and really LOVED it.  Grabbed some spring green leafy colored yarn………..wadded a bit of it up and stuck it behind the flower and I’m not sure I want to list this clutch in my Etsy shop.  I might have to keep it…..  🙂

So, the question remains.  Do I felt the crocheted flower, since the clutch is felted?  Or, leave it alone……….which is oh, so cute.   To answer my own question, I crocheted the 2nd flower, just like the first one, and I will felt it tomorrow, to see what it turns out like.  This pattern wasn’t created to felt, so it may turn out like half of a tennis ball or something.  And, the flip side is…………I could be pleasantly surprised by the result and go with the felted posie version.

No pics yet……….this is all still pinned together & this little cutie isn’t ready for a picture taking session.  Tomorrow, with luck & a prayer!

I had some blocks of time today….plus, I got up & got busy when it was still dark.  Made for a long day, but I got the 4 shirts almost finished. They are hanging up, done but the top stitching on the collars, buttonholes and buttons.  Love finishing items.  Pick up scheduled for Sunday, so I’m a whole day early.

While making the flowers for the clutch, I made a yellow fuzzy one, which looks alot like a daffodil.  With a few changes, it could BE a daffodil.  Also made a flower with some cotton string that I can’t remember what I had it for.  This turned out to be my favorite of the 4 I made this evening.  Have more of the string type yarn…..Might be Patons Grace??  ………..and plan to do some in lavender tomorrow.  These are so fun to make, different then knitting or sewing which I’ve almost overdosed on lately.  I have some ribbon that matches the lavender Grace, and might play with a choker using the flowers and a bow?  The picture in my mind is quite pretty!  🙂

Still working on the cotton dish cloth.  This is taking way too long.   Small needles for this one, which is making a dense fabric.  Looks good, feels great…….but, it is a slow slog.  Had planned to do 3, but this one may be a solo event.

And, for those who are counting….      I have to decide to let the clutch go; or keep it and get another item done prior to Tuesday.     Will look at it in the AM with fresh eyes.




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