I Made It

………..with 2 days to spare.  I wanted to get 50 items in my Etsy shop by March 1st, and I did it!

The Felted Clutch; aka # 50,  makes its’ debut!


This pic makes the flower look bigger than it is.     Might need to adjust that……   But, I do love the flower.  And, the bead in the center of it.   Can’t get it to photograph like it really is either.

Confession:  The flower is still damp tonight……….I pinned it on for the picture taking event, and have it removed again, sitting on the drying rack!  And, yes……….I did decide to felt it.  It matches the bag now, more than the non felted sample did.

I’m still thinking of items to make to use the flowers I’m coming up with.  When I have a few minutes, they are fun to pick up.  Doesn’t take long, and they just take on a life of their own.  Before I know it, another bloom to add to the collection!

I completed the 4 shirts for a client.  Fun, easy sewing.  All the same, so I can do each step 4 times……….and they’re all done at once!  Pressed, bagged up…….ready for pick up.

Started another cardigan for the American Girl Doll.  Using my own pattern this time, which is fun.  I’ve worked out some glitches I found in others and it seems I knit faster when it is my own creation.

I did work on the cotton infinity scarf again today…………and had a knitting crisis while doing so.  I am using 2 cables from my interchangeable needle set, and you guessed it, the needle came off the cable.  To make it just a touch more difficult, the cables are black and so is the yarn.  I picked up what I could, then worked around to the nasty spot to do some fine tuning and to double check I hadn’t left any little live stitches dancing around.   The scarf is back on track, but still not close to done.  It is a slow go………..definitely living up to it’s name of an infinity scarf!

On another note:   There is a thread from a forum on Etsy, discussing posting pics of studio spaces.  I have tried to get a decent pic of the space I’m using to work in, but so far…………no go.  I’ve discovered the room is never tidy even though I’m pretty darned organized.  Each item I’m working on has a bin for it’s “parts”, but when things are in process………….and there are multiple things………in process….   The studio space is more than a little torn up.  This is even more true, when I’m working on knitting, crocheting, sewing……..all at the same time.     So, no pics of the studio space at this time.           I did pick up a tip on line, to take a close up of one area…………That holds some possibility!  Stay tuned…..





4 thoughts on “I Made It

  1. Yay! Good for you. I’m a fellow Etsy Blaster team. We both blog in wordpress! I am new to blogging, but will be following more. Is there any way to connect or follow or anything?

  2. monasbox: Thanks for stopping by! Feels lonely here most of the time. I began the blog as a way to keep track of my challenge results from the New Years blog. Can’t even remember where I read it on Etsy…..but, the deal was……to create something daily. Loved the idea, but my things didn’t translate well to finishing something daily… Thus, the blog…..to see if I WAS creating something….anything….daily.
    I do not know my way around WordPress, even tho I read all the newby posts, and guidelines. Can’t get it to do what I want, and suspect it has to do with me using the free version.
    There is a way to follow, as I have others that are………and I am also following some. Comes through my email, and think there is a spot to check, that says subscribe to this site by email.
    But, keep in mind………….I knit & sew WAY better than I navigate here!

    Take care

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