Almost a Day Off Here

I didn’t have tons of time to create anything ……………..except a huge vat of spaghetti sauce.    Errands and appointments ate up the day here, so didn’t have time to pick up needles until after dinner.

Watched the Oscars while knitting up a little doll sweater for the American Girl Dolls.   I now know, the Academy Award show is as long as one doll sweater!  Got it knit, and stitched together.  Also picked up to do the neck band but ran into what is becoming a regular problem here.   I didn’t have a snippet of matching fluff for the neckline.

So many times this past week, I’ve been sailing along on a project and I run head long into a shortage of goods.  Something is missing. Sometimes I don’t even know what it is at that point, but can tell the project isn’t finished.

I need to run out for a couple notions to finish up a clients order, so I’ll dash through the yarn department too, and pick up a bit of fluffy stuff and a hank of ribbon, so I can finish this little sweater off tomorrow.  I made up this same one before & it sold before I could list it on the web site.  I did grab a picture of it………..

I think it’s worth doing again, don’t you?

Met with a client to deliver the completed shirts …….and now have fabric and patterns for 6 more shirts.   This will be a busy week.


2 thoughts on “Almost a Day Off Here

  1. I found your blog through Etsy and now I am inspired by your blog. I am looking forward to reading it daily and hope to post to my blog on a more regular basics.

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