Flowers Everywhere

Since finishing my felted clutch and attaching the flower motif………..I’ve discovered a new little addiction.  Crocheted flowers!  So far, I’ve got 6 of them finished and strewn about my desk here.  Little ones, bigger ones, some interesting ones with luxury yarns and a couple with vintage buttons in the centers.  Love them all, and can see many, many things they could be used for.

So, the question is……  What to do with them?  List them in the Etsy shop?  If so, how?  One at a time looks odd to me…….but, I’m not wild about making up a dozen of each to list them that way either.  So, I’m going to just look at them for a bit & see what I think tomorrow.  And, there is the same old question…………how to price these little posies?

Here’s a couple with the vintage buttons.  I like the ones made with a thread type yarn, better than those with traditional yarn.

I’m usually not a fan of crocheted flowers…………they typically remind me of granny square afghans, which I don’t care for.  These, however………..seem different.  I think it is the raised quality, making them very 3-D.  Done in thread, they look delicate and complicated.  We’ll see if I am still enamored with them tomorrow.

Next on my list is to learn my way around this blogging world.  I’ve read others for years, and have several I follow religiously, but this is my first time of keeping up one of my own for  …………oh, let’s say more than a day!  I’m enjoying this, but most of the time, I’m surprised that it works, or frustrated when something doesn’t.  I want to feel more like I know what I’m doing.  More like the feeling I have when working with fiber, needles and fabric.  🙂








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