Mini Sweater Finished

It seems I had fewer hours today than most people get.  There is no way I had 24.  Not even close.

Today found me scattered, at best.  Had Sunday breakfast today, as Sundays here are not leisurely, nor week end like. Then, a series of phone calls just sucked the remaining life out of the morning.  This left me getting ready for an early afternoon client (who was just scheduled to pick up an order)……………..Well, scratch that.  Client was late, and brought a huge project with her, which ate up way more than then the time I had  allotted.

By the time I got the dog walked, it was mid afternoon and again with the phone calls.  One was company from out of town, heading this way for the remainder of the week.  And……………..a special call from the contractor who was to have completed the main bath remodel two weeks ago…………….he was a no show Monday, didn’t get here today, but promised to come tomorrow & finish the job.  The bathroom will come in handy with company!

Like magic, it was time to head to the kitchen & do my impression of Betty Crocker.  Why is it cooking takes so much more time than the eating portion of dinner?

So, here I sit…..with nothing more to my creative journal than the teensy little American Girl Doll sweater.  It’s a copy of this one……..

I’m sending this one to Assorted Miscellany in a trade for some promotional writing for my Etsy shop.  Aiming to do more of this type of event, as I get my feet wet at Etsy.

I should be able to get this in the mail tomorrow and with luck, have some blocks of time for the sewing room!


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