Long Day……….Few Words

First of all, I think I’m doing this blogging bit ………..backwards.  I’m out of cheerios by this time of night (11PM-ish) and have trouble making a complete sentence, let alone anything close to witty.  I’m more alert in the AM, but the chance I could carve out time alone to write something is just that………..a chance! Will think on this.

I have been in the sewing room a bit today.  Had some time……..not all at once, that would be considered a luxury!  Grabbed enough time to get a couple shirts cut out earlier today, and this evening I sewed.  I’ve got one shirt just one step from being completed and can see enough time tomorrow to finish the 2nd shirt too.  Was hoping to get more done by Friday, but I will take the 2 completed shirts & be happy about it.

I had a “moment” with the infinity scarf this evening.  Was knitting away………..seemingly making zero progress (hours of knitting and it doesn’t get measurably larger) and I could see it was one large loop.  I thought sure I had twisted it to make it a mobius loop, but noooooooo………..it is not twisted.  It is confirmed, I have lost my knitting mind here this week.    Can’t remember deciding to make it just like the sample from the client….it isn’t like me to not tweak it somehow.     I think tomorrow might be the day I drag the sample out and see how this scarf measures up; heaven forbid I just keep knitting!

After spending time adding to my Etsy site last month, the focus for March is going to have to be getting up to speed with my local clients.  Two new clients today, one new appointment  tomorrow, a class on Friday and whooosh………the week is done.    I’m feeling behind just thinking about the orders on the books here.

Sleep first…………Will start playing catch up tomorrow!



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