What is Busier than Swamped?

After a very slow February here in the actual studio………..March is taking off with lightening speed.  I know I’m doing something creative when I start churning out the completed projects several times a day here.

Let’s see………..todays schedule started before dawn.  Really.  And, without coffee too!   I completed the 2 tunics for a local client, hoping for pick up today, but we didn’t connect.  Trying again for tomorrow……to get these to a sale happening on Sat & Sun.

I had an afternoon appointment scheduled with a client in a local retirement home.  I do complimentary pick up and delivery for those clients and it has been working out well for all of us.  I pushed on a project here, for another resident, thinking I could take it at the same time.  Got 1 of 2 pieces ready for a fitting.  Took the one piece when meeting with the new client………..ended up with 2 new clients and a free blurb coming out in their print & online newsletter.  Plus, the item for the fitting……….did fit!  Success.  It was a truly odd job, so it was a bit of a surprise my off the wall solution worked.  Nice, but still a surprise.  The 2nd piece for this client is identical, so it will be much easier now that I know it is going to work.

I also put together a pair of custom leggings for a regular client.  Have a pile of fabric for leggings for her, this is just the 2nd pair I’ve tackled.  These are not your normal, run of the mill leggings.  They have 10 pieces to each pair.  Who knew you could get that many pieces on a pair of leggings, right?  Lace on the bottom, a 2nd layer near the knee area, lacings and the piece to run those through………..   By the time I get to the bottom of the pile of fabric, I’ll be able to do these with my eyes closed.  So far, I’m having to concentrate!    Here’s an in process pic:

Just the waistband elastic, the tag and stitching off some thread ends at the bottom of the lace…….and these can join the finished items tomorrow.  Love that feeling!

And, if all these finished items weren’t enough…….  I heard from several people that they saw my ad in the local paper. No clients from the conversations, but the ad is gaining momentum.  I bought space for the year, with the ad running every other week.  Have a ways to go before it pays for itself, but I have faith!

And, the day just kept getting better…..     One of the first items I posted in my Etsy store, sold tonight!  The ruffly, white eyelet toddler petticoat!    I’ll get to make another to repost this item, if for no other reason than I’m still feeding my ruffle & bow addiction.  With all boys in our family, I never did get my fill of sewing sweet little items like this petticoat!


Almost forgot….    When I got home, the mail had arrived and my fabric burning tool I purchased from Etsy seller Wanda at Betyourbritches was here!  I will be practicing heat sealing the ends of my ribbons this evening.

Ribbons, ruffles, eyelet fabric……   Could the projects be any more fun?

Gotta go.  Love my job!

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