Creativity 101

Since I took the Create Something Daily challenge at the first of the year, I’ve been giving the whole idea of creativity more than a little thought.  I’m befuddled by people who don’t see themselves as creative, when I think everyone is……..creative, that is.  We’re all just creative about different things.

Here’s my list of things I do to jog my creative brain into productivity!

1-  I don’t watch TV while I’m in my studio.  And, I’m limiting other TV watching time too.  Movies are an exception, as they give me some great knitting time!

2-  I do listen to classical music whenever I have the opportunity.  Nothing more creative in my opinion.

3-  I limit phone calls.  It helps that my cell phone does not work at my home.  No reception.

4-  I make a conscious effort to do normal, every day activities differently.  ie; take a different route to a regular appointment, have tea instead of coffee.  Simple things, but it shakes up my day to day schedule.

5-  I read.  I read anything.   If I’m working in the studio, audio books are one of my favorite things.  Reading AND sewing.  Can it get better than that?

6-  I try to have things around me that I like.  More than that, things I love.  Some are silly, some are as simple as a new piece of fabric thrown over the cutting table.  But, I find having things that strike a chord in me, make me feel good.  When I feel good, I don’t seem to have any difficulty accessing my creative side.

7-  For me, I have several things going, or in process, at once.  OK, many, many things……..if I’m going to be honest.  Some of the reasons are because it’s just handier to take a small knitted sock project with me if I’m going to be waiting for someone………..And, often times it’s because I am splicing in clients work between my own projects.  Lately, the different projects at once can be blamed on AGE!  My hands like it better if I trade off between knitting and crocheting………..or between working on tiny needles or bigger needles.    I think I’m maxing out my WIP (works in progress for any of you non knitter types) as I went to my set of Denise knitting needles today and the case was almost empty!  All my cables were in use, and most of the needle tips too.  I had to dig deeper, into my emergency stash of not so favorite brand needles to get some new yarn ready to go.

8-  Surrounding myself with other creative types is a great way to charge up my batteries too.  Love the local Etsy Rain meet up here in Seattle.  I’ve only been twice but  listening to the ideas and seeing  samples of work being shared, I’ve got this event on my calendar each month!  (the gourmet hot chocolate at the cafe doesn’t have a thing to do with it!)

9-  Notebooks.   I have an obsession with notebooks.  3 ring binders, spiral notebooks, empty books……….any sort of collection of blank paper….I’m hooked.  Have been since I was in grade school.  (which is forever-ago)   I keep written journals, I have lists of goals/plans, and I’ve added a notebook to be kept here by the computer, just to list ideas I have while perusing blogs, websites and such.

10-  This one is my newest thing.  I’ve given myself permission to really make something that is horrible.  Not on purpose, but the permission to try anything, without being 100% positive it is going to work, or be something I think is worthwhile or worthy.  A new thing for me.    I’ve got a couple things here in the studio that aren’t going to see the light of day!  But, my new program is to just be OK about them.  Some I can take apart and re do the parts I’m not happy with, a couple have even found homes with people that fell in love with them.   But, letting myself create without rating or grading the piece before it is even done, is new to me.  I think it’s good……….if I can get over how hard this  one is.


***And, my quick update to my creativity journal here….    Today was not the whirlwind yesterday was, which was good.  I finished a couple pieces of mending / repairs for a client this AM.  Love getting little bits and pieces like this job done.  I packaged up the 2 pieces for mailing tomorrow.  (didn’t get that errand done today)  The high point of the day was meeting with a client for another sewing lesson.  We spent 3 hours together and it felt more like 15 minutes.  I hope she had as much fun as I did!  She even suggested I knit while I waited & watched her work on her projects.  Hmmmm   Knitting, while talking & teaching about sewing………There is a good afternoon!

Tonight, I’m taking the evening off.    Here’s just a touch of spring………….flowers in a vintage shipping box of some kind.  I liked it better than a typical, often plastic, flower pot. 

2 thoughts on “Creativity 101

  1. Great post! I can relate to lots of these – reading, juggling many WIPs at once, the obsession with notebooks, allowing myself to stuff up/not judging a project as a total disaster before I’ve finished it…

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