Have to…. vs. Want to….

I struggled with my list of Have To’s verses the items on my Want To list in my head. Clients orders won the contest and I did get one order completed, to be delivered on Monday. I truly love crossing things off my TO DO list!

I actually have a system for keeping track of orders in the sewing room/studio here. Very basic, but it works for me. I have 10 hanging tags, numbered from 1-10. Each client gets written up on the white board, and a number gets attached to their job(s). I can tell in a quick glance at my board & number collection, how full my schedule is or just how crazy I am….take your pick. Today I have 8 numbers assigned, so I knew it was time to get to work!

I took time this AM to get the Etsy order off to the post office. I’m having such fun designing and sewing little flouncy things!  Way more fun than replacing zippers in someones work jacket for example.

Spent time finishing a pair of leggings for a client scheduled this coming Wed.    Thought I’d have time to replace a zipper in some slacks, but alas…….didn’t have the correct zipper in my stash of supplies.  Will add that to the list for Mondays errands.

Spent my usual time after dinner, visiting with family…..and knitting.  Worked on a clients knitting project, since they are not able to complete it.  A baby blanket in the most delicious shade of pale pink!!  Another road block, as I’m just a couple rows shy of casting off……….and you guessed it, out of yarn.  Will add this to the list for Monday too!

Since I ran out of yarn, I picked up a crochet hook and some crochet thread.   I’m still interested in seeing how many different looks I can come up with for the flower motif I’m currently in love with.  This version is going to be quite tiny, compared to the ones done with yarn.  I’m not good with the different weights of crochet thread, so can’t be very specific on this.  It’s shiny, like I remember rayon embroidery thread.  I’m using 2 shades of apricot, which should give it a fairly realistic flower look.  Finished the center & one tiny round of petals out of the pale color, and will add the 2 rows of petals with the darker shade tomorrow night.

I forgot about the afternoon….    I have added in the task of head gardener here; at least on the days the sun is shining.  Getting outside is one of the things that helps me keep organized.  That increased fresh air & oxygen really does work and I love the looks of the gardens when I’ve spent some time out there too.

I am going to spend some time tonight, clearing a path to the cutting table.  Tomorrows order of business is to cut out 4 jackets so they are ready to assemble within the next couple days.  Flat surfaces like the cutting table, seem to attract any number of things when left alone!


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