Gardening With a Crochet Hook

I truly did garden a bit today……….outside, in the dirt,  kind of gardening.  Amazingly enough, there were patches of sunshine in the Seattle area and I took advantage of that to get out of the studio to see if there were any signs of spring.

Inside, I used a crochet hook and came up with this delicate little trio of blooms, making me feel like spring at least.

See them at       

Fun to make, these have my imagination working on ways to use them. Everything from weddings  to baby items come to mind.   I would love to use them on a small, dressy silk handbag for example.

The sewing room was cleared out enough to have a marathon cutting event this morning.  Have 4 shirts cut out & ready, in addition to several pairs of custom leggings.  If I have to change thread colors in the machines, I tend to group all the like items together.  Tomorrows assignment?   Sew up everything that is  black!  Funny, I have so many items from clients at this time of year that are either all black, or black & white prints.  Jobs  always go so much faster if I am not switching thread colors throughout the day.

Finished one clients alteration order and will be delivering it tomorrow.  This helped my work order board look a bit more manageable.  I’ve got such HUGE orders from 2 clients they should really count differently.  Up t0 now, each client is one order, which is really not the case.  Four custom items just aren’t the same as replacing a zipper for someone.



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