Sewing Miss-stitch & Other Woes

Gads, it feels like I’m a beginner at the sewing machine today.  I hate, hate, hate sewing to meet deadlines.  For good reason too, it seems.

I have 4 identical shirts to complete by Thursday AM.  Shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ve done the same pattern before, although it has been since last summer…..and my brain cells are diminishing in what seems to be a daily basis.  However………..this afternoon found me knee deep in dumb mistakes.  In my defense, this fabric is more than slinky…..and it’s black; making it oh, so hard to see.  (old eyes here, you know?)

I have taken out at least the equivalent of one of the shirts!  Hoping daylight and a fresh pot of coffee in the AM, make this go smoother on the last 2 shirts. So, it seems deadlines create havoc with my creativity, my routine and otherwise simple tasks!  I quit this evening, after getting 2 of the shirts to what I call……..hanging up status.  That is……they are now on hangers.

With fingers crossed, candles lit and prayers sent up to the heavens, my aim is to finish the 4 of these lovelies tomorrow… I’ve got appointments most of the day Wednesday.

And,………..I need to remind myself NOT to take on jobs with deadlines; they ruin my fun!

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