Art vs. Machines

That was my problem today.  Art and creativity were pitted against cold, unfeeling sewing machines.  (specifically, my newest serger)    Remember that deadline I was working against yesterday?  Well, I just kept bumping up against the same one today.  Only worse.

The jackets were assembled when I quit for the night last night, leaving just the rolled hem edge on all 4 of them.  The pattern is unique in that there is ONLY the rolled hem, all the way around each jacket………….sleeve hems too.

Here’s a poor picture of the group of them, after I had suffered through the contest of me against the machine. I didn’t have enough energy to try to get a better shot.  Apologies all round.

I still don’t know what the problem, or problems were with the serger.  I know I always assume it is operator error, but I ran through all the usual fixes to no avail, all afternoon.  I even took a couple breaks and the dog & I went outside for some fresh air, ball throwing and gardening.  The garden looks better, the dog was happy, but the serger still refused to sew more than …………oh……….6 inches without throwing a fit.

Deciding serious measures must now be employed, I stopped sewing (left the machine on, so I didn’t have to re set it when I got back to it. ………AND, .             ……..I opened a bottle of wine as I was putting dinner together.  I enjoyed the break, the wine and the dinner.    I zipped back to the sewing room after dinner and the machine sewed up the remaining 3 shirts!  Unexplained.   I had not touched the machine.  The only thing that was different was that lovely glass of wine!

I feel so much better having these done!  Just need to press them and fray check the serger ends; which are all left as little tails per the design.

Through the day, the thought that was constantly floating through my mind,  was the difficulty machines put in the way of creativity.   Heck, I didn’t have an ounce of creativity left after trying to coax the serger into compliance.  Very little patience left either, for that matter!  🙂

I did manage to finish up the baby afghan for a client.  I had been asked to come up with an easy pattern for her, but it proved to be too much.  I had picked out the diagonal knitted afghan pattern, with the one row that is repeated until it gets large enough, then 1 row that is repeated until it is down to 3 stitches to CO.  This seemed so simple, yet it turns out looking and feeling lovely.  I have the same blanket listed in my Etsy store.  Here is the new one, ready to pop in the mail.

And, here’s the link to the aqua blanket:


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