What I’d Give for a Whole Day?

More specifically, a whole day at work!   I love my job, but rarely have an entire day to spend creating, teaching, sewing & knitting. I think about what it would be like, to have an 8 hour stretch just to play with fabric and yarn and to complete clients orders.

My life, at this stage……..includes responsibilities that limit my own time. So, I work in bits and snatches; grabbing an hour or so before the rest of the household gets up, and trying to come up with enough time during the day to finish something! I sneak in a couple more hours after others go to bed, but it doesn’t add up to much of a work day no matter how I do the math.

Whine over.

I did get another pair of the custom leggings completed for a client……….who is scheduled to pick up whatever I have done……….tomorrow evening.  Latest count of finished items:  Three.    Chance the number could increase in 24 hours:  Slim.    It is possible I can get another pair of the leggings completed, as they are becoming more familiar each time.  It would be really great if they were all the same and I could do them all at the same time, but of course, they are all different colors!

Here’s the best pic I could come up with on the latest leggings.  They don’t look like much without a pair of legs!

I delivered an order to a local retirement home………..I provide complimentary pick up and delivery to residents there.  Dropped one order off and picked up two more.

Also met with the client who picked up the 6 completed shirts.  She brought fabric for 10 more.  Three different styles and not due for pick up until the 25th, which makes it not quite such a rush as this last order.  And, thank goodness, no rolled hems for any of the shirts this time.  Still haven’t figured out why the serger was being so cranky the last couple days.

I did get some knitting time in, while waiting to pick up a kiddo from work.  Managed to get almost an inch done on the ankle portion of the socks made with the corn fiber.   And, I did get the infinity scarf measured against the acrylic scarf I’m using as a pattern.  I’ve got 5 more rounds to go before binding off.  Seems like I have been knitting on this for months!  This scarf is on the list for the client coming tomorrow evening………….not much of a chance I’ll have enough time to get it bound off for her approval.

For now, I’ll be grateful I have something I love to do!  Something creative and fun………….that others are willing to pay me to do.  That always makes my day!




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