An Etsy Treasury Tribute to Japan

I was feeling a little less than creative after watching CNN all morning.  The aftermath of the earthquake in Japan seems to be more than daunting.  While pondering all the negative, I was browsing on Etsy  (my typical morning ……….along with a huge mug of tea!)  and I decided to put together some Japanese inspired items in a new treasury.  Please stop by for a look.

Had a bit of time to knit today……….grabbed about 30 minutes to work on the lime green & pink sock.  Soon, it will be time to start the heel.

Also had time to bind off the black cotton scarf.

Love the socks, not sure if I like the scarf……it is huge.  Think I might have to just hack away at it, and make a seam, shortening it to a manageable length.  Will sleep on its’ possibilities.

Sewed a bit too. Made a mock up of a new pattern for a clients appointment tomorrow. I meshed an idea with an existing pattern I had made, to come up with something that looks just like this woman to me. I am using a color I can’t stand, but again, I think this woman will fall head over heels over. Thinking I might just sell this mock up! If it is a “go”, I’ll proceed to cut the same top out of her fabric. Didn’t think to get a picture of this item…………will aim for that tomorrow.

I need to get some new items on the needles! I know I’m happier when I’ve got a variety of projects going at once. I always finish them, so don’t get all huffy with me! 🙂 I like choosing what I’m going to work on; either knit or crochet………..or sew, and I like an assortment of projects………..some quick & easy, others time consuming and detailed. I also love different types of materials, everything from acrylic and polyester to all the natural fibers. Right now, it’s just sewing & more sewing……and a lace weight scarf (that truly seems endless) and a new spa cloth I just started out of 100% cotton. (reminder to myself………..I want to add the made in USA to the listings I have where it is appropriate)


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