Still Feeding My Addiction

I played hooky this afternoon and made this ruffled little number. I just can’t get enough of ruffles, lace and bows. This skirt has all three AND is only a size 1, so it looks more than cute! Wish I knew someone with a tiny little girl so I could see this on……… I kept imagining an Easter morning, a little girl in this ruffled concoction, a basket full of Easter goodies…..

I did have to settle in to work after playing in the ruffles. One client here for a fitting………the mock up was awful. I have a good start, just need to add some fullness to the design before cutting out the real fabric. I also have another huge sack of items from client M. The gigantic infinity scarf was a hit; now I just need to finish off the ends and attempt to block it.

Client J called & needed a last minute appointment before a cruise….so will be seeing her tomorrow, even though it is Sunday. Just an easy hemming job……..times 5 items……so I should be able to squeeze the job in. (If I stay away from the flouncy little toddler skirts!)

Making things like this skirt and completing clients orders……… is a tough decision sometimes!


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