New Item Added: #54

I can remember when my fledgling little Etsy shop had 10 items!  I also remember the rush from last month, when I challenged myself to get up to 50 items in the shop.  And, almost without concentrating, I’ve managed to get 4 new items listed since March 1st.  A feat when I think about how much I’ve been sewing for my local clients.

Todays’ item is what I call a Bed Buddy.  Mine are all shaped differently, (and I have a bunch of these) so they are designed for different reasons.  The one I made today, is a long skinny shaped bag, filled with white rice.  This is then slipped inside a pretty sleeve and tied with a bow.  (of course, I’m still hooked on ribbons)

I probably use mine more as a bed warmer than anything.  A couple minutes in the microwave as I’m brushing my teeth and then toss it into my bed to warm it up before I crawl into bed.  What a lovely feeling!

These are also great made with a cartoon print on the sleeve…… like to have one heated up (or frozen) to use when they aren’t feeling well.  Good for all sorts of “owies”.

Since this is my creativity journal, it should really cover anything creative, right?   Today has been a mixed bag!  I started by finishing a couple alteration orders for clients, including taking lapels and a collar OFF a jacket.  I had mixed feelings about the job, but it was truly a simple project.  (hate having the unknown sort of hanging over me……… is always worse just thinking about it than getting down to tackling it)

Then, a repeat client for a fitting, dropping off 6 pieces for alterations.  This is a rush order for a great client, so will squeeze the order in tomorrow, as she is returning for them on Tues.  This one is an easy peasy job……….shouldn’t take more than an hour.

Then, I switched hats and moved to the kitchen to do my best impression of Betty Crocker.  Stirred up a pot of home made Cabbage Patch Soup & set it to simmer the rest of the afternoon.  Before heading back to the sewing room, I started a batch of orange marmalade, letting it soak overnight so I can can it tomorrow.  (I’ll probably dream about English muffins slathered with marmalade tonight)

After the day was pretty well used up, I finished a new Spa Cloth while watching the news.  I used the Size 4 needle, like the pattern suggested & love the finished size, but truly hated the needles!  I bought this one new, which is totally out of character for me………..and I don’t like it.  It is a Knit Pick circ, and the actual needle portion is so short, it is like knitting with toothpicks.  I’ll be retiring this one, only to be used in a knitting emergency.

I think it’s time to get my trusted Bed Buddy & quit for the night!


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