10 Things on my Wishful Sewing List

I was reading up on some knitting/sewing blogs last night and ran into the term wishful sewing two different times and it has been on my mind today.

I too, have a wishful sewing list, although I fear some of it is purely wishful thinking!  Since I sew for clients locally, as well as sew for my new Etsy Shop;  www.etsy.com/shop/StitchKnit I don’t have much time for wishful anything.

But, I work well with lists, goals and plans………..so here goes.  Committed to virtual paper here….my list of 10 Wishful Sewing projects:                                                                                          

1)  Bed Buddy…..or Spa hot/cold Pack

2)  Draft Dodgers:  the under the door draft stopper thingys,  no idea if there is a real name for these.

3)  Magic Zippered bag:  Can’t find my notes on this one, so tweaking it over & over………a slow process….but the bag is so novel, I’m going to press on.

4)  Tote Bag, Hawaiian style

5)  “Keepers” I’ve got the mock up done for this, little tiny fabric “holders” for the lack of a better term.  They are great to keep anything important & they are so pretty!  Nice for giving gift cards/certificates, saving locks of hair, special notes, etc.

6)  Two more toddler skirts with petticoats, as I’ve got teh fabric cut out already.

7)  Knitters project bag:  For me this time!  I’m tired of hauling  a sock on needles out of a zip lock bag.

8)  Wedding umbrella/parasol

9)  Tote made from vintage pillowcases or vintage tablecloth.

10)  And, the one that has been on the list the longest…………FINISH MY ROBE!    This puppy has been cut out and sewn up for years.  Just needs the facing the finishing and the hem!  Plus, my old robe is going to soon be in tatters!

To get this list done, I just need a couple things.  One more day a week and a few more hours in each day!  🙂


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