It Takes Time to be Creative!

And, I haven’t had much today………..Time, that is.

I finished an alteration order for Client J, so it was ready before I left for my volunteer shift at our local food bank.  I hate having deadlines looming…….so I’m happy working early in the AM.

I did put in some time on new Bed Buddies for the Etsy shop, as the first one sold as soon as I listed it.  This brings my sold items to FOUR!  I consider this to be a fine number, since I’m only on my third month at Etsy. I wouldn’t mind selling way more than four, so don’t hold off shopping & purchasing on my account!  🙂        Getting these moved along in the studio cleared off the cutting table (which doubles as the project table) and it began to call to me……

I had a custom order to pull a pattern off of Client B’s existing shirt……….and then make 4 more of them.  I was holding off on this, as the table was cluttered (heck, it was pretty well hidden from view).  So, with a cleared off table, there was no further excuse available……….I got the pattern done, and then cut out one shirt of B’s fabric for a fitting.  Also cut one out of what I call my “garbage” fabric.  This is stuff I have, but will never use for anything……. it just needs to be the same type of fabric, and similar weight, so I can see how the pattern works, etc.  B had brought woven fabric in, but the shirt & pattern she wants me to copy is knit, thus the trial of the pattern on woven…..     Reached B & she came over this evening for a fitting.  All’s well on the knit, but I need to add even more ease than I did on the woven mock up.

About this time of night, I start noticing my ramblings here, and discover I really was creative today.  It’s always this way; I don’t think I accomplished much, there were multiple disruptions to my day and then I look at the list and see projects moving from ideas to reality.  On occasion, there’s even a finished item or two.

I grabbed some knitting time today and finished up a spa cloth for Client M, who ordered two of them.  I do have a gripe with the manufacturers of the cotton;  I can’t find many colorways I like.  I mean, who would want a lime green & tangerine wash cloth?  Hopefully, that would never match someones bathroom decor….  I’m always on the look out for serene color combination’s for my shop.  Colors I’ve actually seen in homes!

Almost forgot…..    I purchased a custom banner this week, and have it in the etsy shop.  Please stop by & let me know what you think of it.


2 thoughts on “It Takes Time to be Creative!

  1. I liked the banner. I think banners really add to a shop’s appearance. Your banner is very attractive. Your banner, shop name and shop announcement match. Shoppers will have a clear idea of what to expect inside the shop. It is just like shoppers are standing outside your shop looking though the window.
    I think that you are very successful having 4 sales so far.

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