Blogging Daily Was Easier With My Feb. Challenge

This could mean I’m not focused.

Or, my real job is boring.

Or, I work better with severe deadlines.

Which is it?  Probably, a combination of all of them.   When I was driven to get to my self imposed 50 items in the Etsy shop by the first of March……….I made time and loved it.  And, because I was loving seeing my number climb up, it was fun to write about each little addition.     Each day I had a goal & a plan and it seemed logical to share the news!

And, then there is my real job.  Sewing, alterations, teaching ……..   I do love all aspects, but sometimes it can be pretty much the same types of items; over & over.  I remember having multiple clients orders on the TO DO board here, and realizing I had 9 black pairs of slacks to shorten.  All alike, all black …………and all the same!   So, at times, hemming jeans, taking in wedding dresses and helping someone learn to use their sewing machine just doesn’t seem like it is blog-worthy.   When I look back at my work schedule for February, it was the slowest month I’ve had in ages.  So, perhaps the fun of adding to the shop and writing about it was just filling in the gaps?

It’s becoming obvious, I tend to ramble without a clear outline, huh?   I’m just trying to come up with the reasons why blogging this month is so different than blogging last month.  I’m used to journaling on a fairly regular basis, since I started keeping a diary in 6th grade.  (a looonng time ago; back when phones were attached to the walls and TV’s only had 3-4 channels)  So, it’s not that I haven’t written for over a month.

OK, time to come up with some solutions. …………..

-I need a goal or a plan for each month.  This would give me something to be thinking about while I’m working on the Have To’s of my regular job.    No idea what just yet.  But I need one.

-I can start thinking of my day job in a different light; seeing if I can find interesting bits to share about the job, the details or the techniques?  Perhaps.  Maybe.

-I should re visit my original challenge I took the first week of January.  Create Something Daily I had amended it just a tad, as creating a new item for the shop EACH DAY would be a feat.  Some of my knitted items are taking me weeks, not days.  The challenge I took on, was to create daily, with a new product added on at least a weekly basis.  This I’m still doing…….but, not keeping very good track of.

-And, lest I forget……………what I do for clients IS creative.

So, on that note, I’ll begin thinking of this in a new light………..starting now!

A quick peek into my days activities:

-Had an appt with Client D (a regular).  Typical alteration job …..3 pieces, shorten 2, take one in.  The taking one in is a fun one.  A custom made silk blouse, made for her in Thailand years ago.  Gorgeous fabric and a fantastic neckline with 3 tiers of ruffles on both sides of the neck.  Very interesting.      She is also requesting a tablecloth remodel of sorts.  Taking rectangle cloths, and making them round, and gathered and to the floor.  My high school geometry teacher was probably getting a good laugh, watching me trying to figure out diameter, circumference and such!  Math is not my strong suit!

-Cut out 6 of the 10 shirts for Client A, another regular who sells these at local art fairs.  Easy sewing, nothing challenging, but oh, the fabrics.  She goes to Europe on regular buying trips and I get to fondle the goods!  Fun job, very busy with her from now until after Christmas.  Nice to have jobs I can work on when I have slow weeks.

-And, best of all…………..I played with fabric!  I gathered up all my tiny pastel prints and threw in a bit of lightweight lace yardage.  Grouped them together in dozens of ways, got side tracked finding possible backing fabric for a couple stroller blankets and truly had a great time.  I’m hoping this brain storming session results in a toddler sundress, another gathered lacy, ruffled skirt for Easter and 2-3 of the stroller blankets.

-Made a couple of the rice packs that go in the pretty fabric sleeves for the Hot/Cold Packs.

-Knit on the simple dishcloth.  (reminding self to not Knit one again.  Stick with crochet for these…..should be done with this by….oh, April 1st, if I speed this up!)

-Set up 4 appointments from phone calls.  My ad is running this week in the local paper!  I’m going to be busy this month…..   Translate that to …………I’ve got lots on the schedule, therefore, lots to blog about.

-And, I just learned about Technorati…………and hoping I’m doing this correctly.  CP77VXJYW9QK    Aiming to get this blog verified, that I am the one writing this. As I’ve said, the learning curve is getting pretty darned steep.

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