Weekend Update: Just Stitchin’ & Knittin’

Like usual, I’m busy at the sewing machine and even managed to heat up the knitting needles with a new project.   Weekends are a bit tough to tell how my days are going to go, as there is no school.  (no school yesterday either, so today seemed like Sunday all day long)

I got an early start in the sewing room; whipping out 3 of the 10 shirts due on Friday.  All done but the buttons & buttonholes.  I like to save them until I have all of the same shirts done………….it’s so much easier to do them at once. Hoping to do the same thing tomorrow with the 2nd set of 3 shirts.  They are cut out & ready to assemble.  Similar style, but have a cuff & placket………..and of course, more buttons.  Will save these 3 when done and do all the buttonholes at the same time.  With luck & prayers…….I’ll have 6 shirts completed by tomorrow night.

I do have a couple clients coming tomorrow.  One repeat, just dropping fabric off for a couple pair of girls jammies for a sleepover………..also due Friday.  (how many days til Friday??)   The other is a new client, a referral from a regular of mine.  He is a hair stylist & we’ve already talked about haircuts for alterations.  I currently have the only haircut I’ve ever had that I don’t like.  Wouldn’t you know I get a hair stylist as a client right now!  I told him I wanted to greet him with a bag over my head!  He kindly said he’d bring his scissors.

So, with all that…..I’m not sure how much sewing time I’m going to have tomorrow.  Plus, the sun has been out here in WA and if it shows up tomorrow, I’m headed outside for a bit of gardening.  I think better with some fresh air & exercise.

My newest little ruffly skirt in my Etsy Shop was featured today in a treasury.  Please stop by for a peek at some delightful items.

I also managed (I think) to get myself registered at Handmade Spark.  Let’s see if all these links work….   Like I keep saying, I knit better than I handle all these new things I’m trying to learn.


Update:  2 out of 3 worked.  Well, 1 actually.  I meant to make the Etsy link go directly to the little skirt and the treasury link went back to my search engine.  So, back to the drawing board.  For now, the treasury is at:

http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4d84fc7ba56c6d91d5c0c4c2/manuschas           Sorry, no fancy link.  It’s late.  I’ll look for my TO DO list, and add “review how to link stuff” to it.


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