My 5 Favorite Tools in the Sewing Room

I got to thinking this week………..good thing too, huh?  🙂    I’ve been in the sewing room the entire week end, except for meals and sleeping…..thus, I’m only thinking sewing and more sewing.  I started by realizing my favorite sewing tool isn’t a tool at all, and sewing isn’t something it does either.

I have used it more than my machines this week end I think.  At least as much as the machines, that’s for sure……..

#1 on the list……………….My iron!  A Rowenta!   Broke down years ago and bought myself one.   Right away, I kicked myself for not getting one sooner.  It has been tops on my list of tools since I’ve had it.  It irons, it steams in an upright position……….It has spoiled me.

# 2 was a bit tougher to figure out, but it has to be my shears.  As a group the scissors.  I have many, many pair.  Many duplicates, so I don’t have to move them from the different work areas in the sewing room.    I also have treated myself to getting these all sharpened regularly………………monthly at this point.  Love my little scissor sharpening man.  And, my favorite among my favorites here at #2………my thread snips that I usually wear on a ribbon around my neck.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t sew without these on; they are how I know I’m going to work!  🙂

#3  has to be my Ott lights.  I wonder how I sewed without these?   I still have many of my other lighting solutions, which make my studio look like an electricians nightmare I’m sure.  I don’t use them all, all of the time, but when you need more light………..I just plug in another light and clip it to something…   portable task lighting at the ready.

About this time; I’m not sure I can stick to 5 favorites!

#4  is an odd one.  A custom made platform for my clients to stand up on.  It is huge, heavy and perfect.  My dad made it for me decades ago, after watching me try to mark a floor length wedding dress of many, many layers.  I might have to get a picture of this for a future post ….  Too late tonight, some of the household has already hit the sack.  I keep the platform in my fitting room, where I meet with clients.  No one gets to come to the sewing room…  I couldn’t work without this platform these days.  No way am I getting down on the floor to mark hems all day long.  Way too old to be doing that on a regular basis.

#5  OK, at this point it is a toss up for number 5 and neither has anything to do with sewing!  I use an old wooden chopstick all the time.  Today, for example, I had 6 cuffs and 3 collars to turn.  The chopstick works so well, gets the points poked out there, without being too sharp and making a hole in delicate fabrics.     I use this often enough, it has to be on the list.

And, the one that I use daily, at least I attempt to use it daily……………is a small, plastic  lawn rake.  Now, figure out what that has to do with sewing??    First, some background info:  I have a huge area rug in my space where the machines are, mostly so it is an inviting space for me!  I love the color, I love that it is warm on my feet, ( I like to sew bare foot) and it seems to make it quieter.  But, mix in threads of all colors, from many machines and the cutting table…………it gets to be a tangled mess by evening.  There is no way I’m going to vacuum the area, as I’d need to clean the vacuum & it’s brushes all the time.  Enter………..The Rake!  Works like a charm in just a minute or two.  I can pick up handfuls of thread & snippets of fabric in less time than it takes me to turn out the lights.

A funny list, at least to me.  An iron, a light, scissors, a wooden platform, a chopstick and a rake.   They don’t seem to add up to a sewing room do they?     I’ll have to cover actual sewing type tools another day!

****A quick update for my Daily Creativity Journal:  I’ve got 3 more of the 10 shirts due Friday, to the “hanging up” stage.  The last 4 are now cut out.  Worked on Client B’s knit top, hoping to get it completed to deliver tomorrow.  Had 2 clients visit today, one new, one repeat.  One HUGE order, one little, tiny, manageable one.   Knit on an original baby bootie…..  Hoping I can get it to come out the way my mind sees it!     Spent way too much of my time today, trying to figure out an addition of a pocket in a side seam, but still attached to the garment, not swinging free on the inside.  Hoping I have a workable pattern adaptation, but it still feels like there is going to be a bit of a nasty spot where all the parts meet.  Hoping it will all look better in the morning!


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