Another Countdown Begins

Yesterday I made either a smart move, or a pretty dumb one.  I counted up the actual projects waiting to be finished in the sewing room.  I came up with 32.  Thirty Two!  What was I thinking to have that many custom jobs on the books at once?     Scared me to see a number in black & white.  I have tacked a piece of paper to the TO DO board, with the new number on it……….hoping to get down to a manageable dozen jobs in-the-works. So, this countdown will be marking the restoration of order & calm in the sewing room!

With the number 32 staring at me this morning, I got pretty motivated to finish SOMETHING.  I have 6 items done, with the exception of pressing and bagging them.  So, tonights number is……….    a mere 26.  Gads, still a ton of work.

I have 2 more pieces that will be finished this evening….just a couple pair of little girls jammies.  I’ve only got the elastic to put on the waist, then flip & stitch and I can cross off numbers 25 & 24.    Down to two dozen and counting.

I broke up my evening by teaching a Knitting 101 class at our local parks & rec department.  I usually teach 3 quarters a year, taking the winter quarter off.  Each session is 2 classes, so I’ll be busy through March, then a break for spring vacation, and another session the end of April   Love teaching.  I had 6 in the class this evening; 5 women and 1 man.  Great group.  Everyone knew their right hand from their left, could follow directions and still managed to have a good time!  Can’t wait for the next class!

*********Todays projects included buttonholes & buttons on the 6 shirts, adding up to 39 buttonholes!   Thank goodness they were machine made, not bound or hand stitched.  I did hand stitch the buttons, because each button is different, making it an individual deal if I used the machine anyway.  Quicker to do by hand.    I made the pajama pattern from an existing pair, then cut the 2 new pair out.  Have them all assembled……..easy & fun.  Wow, this doesn’t look like much when written down.

My order of ribbons arrived;  4 grab bags of all sorts of ribbons.  I love ribbons & have a huge basket of them now in the studio.  Almost anything I make for the Etsy shop, has ribbons attached somewhere.  This must come from having only boys in the family.  I just can’t get enough of ribbons, lace, bows and flowers!

I’ll have most of tomorrow to work…………just a short volunteer shift at the food bank in the AM.  Crossing my fingers the day behaves and nothing out of the ordinary pops up!     I’m hoping to get the 4 vests done (all alike), but all with the odd in seam pocket thing that my mind just won’t figure out.  I’ve made a mock up of the pocket area, but where the pocket, seam and the side vent meet…………it just doesn’t lay down and play right.  Maybe it will lo0k better in the daylight?


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